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Ode To February – The Day Of Love Looms…

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day – The day of red roses, cards with hearts, and cute messages of ‘be mine’ sprinkled around like fairy-dust from the halls of Clinton’s Cards.

For some this time of romance, and all Cupid brings with it, is a time of great excitement and joy, for others it’s a time that feels like their out in the cold, being pummeled by freezing rain, or stuck in the miserable centre of a snowstorm that leaves them feeling excluded and alone – how about you?

Even though I was single the last few Valentine’s Days, I’ve been lucky that I’ve had a different focus, that has allowed me to weather the occasion with a smile on my face, and a spring in my step.

The 15th February is my daughter’s birthday, which has meant in past years I’ve been able to enjoy some great family time, while others have been getting bogged down with the February blues. It’s been to me a great time of family baking, eating hot breakfast in bed (especially this year with the pancake day falling at the same time), and having fun with my family.

Sometimes the lack of a hot date, or a forever partner, has played on my fears, and I’ve allowed it to get in my way of happy – maybe when I have tapped into my deepest desires and realised I wouldn’t mind someone to share all this with. A happy relationship sometimes held more appeal than yet another ice-skating and strawberry desert kids party! Which have sometimes made it feel like a perpetual Groundhog day, rather than the day of love.

It’s at those times I’ve taken comfort in the fact that I don’t settle (that’s what sediment and dust do), I know it is much better for me to set goals for a relationship that will keep my heart healthy as well as melting, and to focus on all the many gifts in life I do have – to be the love.

In focussing my journaling on being grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life, and using this as a time for giving, rather than thinking of what I don’t have, I know I have been keeping my mind and spirit in good health, ready for when that certain someone came along.

Rather than think of my time with a gaggle of girls eating too much candy and ice-cream on repeat, thinking about the lack of cherry red hearts, romantic gifts of chocolate, and kissing under the moon, or being stuck indoors alone on the cold winter evenings, I’ve been able to congratulate myself on what I’ve achieved both in my own life, and the impact that has had on others.

I love how I’m able to use my business to have a positive impact on others at this blah time of year for so many.  How I can take a group of people outside, with a bunch of logs, and create something incredible as we watch the colours of the fire dance, filling our hearts with joy, long before our feet step on any of the coals.

So what about you? At this time of year, how can you be the love? Not just for others, but for yourself too?… Here are three simple tips

  1. Spend time outside – why not put some bird food out for the winter birds and watch them as they visit your garden?
  2. Pop to the library – get yourself some great reading material for the dark winter evenings
  3. Love letters – don’t forget to tell others what they mean to you, and write one to yourself too

What does Valentine’s Day, or February in general, bring up for you?  Leave me a comment to let me know




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