Look Beyond Your Limitations

Connect With Your Potential… Create Your Mindset For Success

Look Beyond Your Limitations

Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs… Create Your Mindset For Success

Businesses And Teams

You want each member of your team to step up, assess what is needed from them, and be ready to make that happen .  You’re ready to be a part of a team that is supercharged for success.  Allow us to work with you to ensure that happens.

For Individuals

Looking to discover your awesome? And connect with like minded individuals, mother earth, and your personal power? Come along to one of our events and lets make it happen

For Coaches & NLP Trainers

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Train as a Mindset Metaphor Facilitator and start using powerful metaphors including Fire Walking, Glass Walking, Arrow Snapping, and Board Breaking with your clients

For Event Organisers & Adventure Providers

We’re here to help you give your clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will most certainly make you stand out as the go-to company when it comes to unforgettable events.


Ready for the challenge and adventure of stepping out of your comfort zone?

Come along and gain some great peer encouragement and support from Lottie for your journey in our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP – see you there

Interested in training as an Instructor?

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Who releases the power of their mind with Mindset Metaphors?


Give your self belief a boost


A unique and exceptional offering for your clients


Increase value to those who already love what you offer


Pull it together as you play full out


Don’t just talk about breaking through fear, experience it for yourself


We are open to people of all beliefs and faiths
“I have never felt so encouraged by anyone in my professional life. I felt valued as an individual, and as a member of the group. The training content was outstanding – The tools, the practical skills, the space to reflect and work as a team, and have fun!”

Ministry Of Defence Training participant

From Firewalks to Sweat Lodges, to Moroccan retreats ~ get the up-to-date information on our latest events here


Don’t be shy!  We are always looking out for the next great project, client, or idea, and would love to hear from you

Using Metaphors To Create Mindsets For Success

Whoever You Are; Wherever You Are

If you are ready to step up, and step out, then we’ve got you covered!

Working with us is guaranteed to create long-term, highly impactful results that will go on to serve you in all areas of your life.  With our focus on, and total commitment to, enabling you to achieve ever increasing levels of self-understanding, confidence, and success, you can’t help but be compelled to put your learning and development into practice. But don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Get in touch now to find out more of how we could work together.

Using metaphors such as broken glass walking, wooden board breaking, and arrow breaking with the throat, as well as firewalking and sweat lodge ceremonies,allows us to pass on powerful lessons, based in experience, leading to an instant and dramatic shift in mindset for you and your team.

With vast experience of working Internationally, wherever you require your life changing experience, we can make it happen!

Kick back with a cuppa and enjoy our latest blog posts, tips, and articles

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“Genuinely one of the best courses I have attended in years, and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you.”

Kat, Training participant

Some Of Our Recent Successes

“You are clearly awesome people, because you don’t just talk your talk, you walk your walk.”

Lisa, Event organiser & participant