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Mountain Training With The Kids – Geocaching

I recently posted a picture of something I got when geocaching on social media, but it wasn’t long before people started asking questions…. what is a geocache??

Geocache stash of a winners medal

Geocaching is a modern type of treasure hunting, which is lots of fun, and can be done all around the world.  I first came across it when I went away camping for a week with my friend Chris, and our two daughters in 2012.  Chris and I had climbed Kilimanjaro together and were keen to spend time out walking while away…. the girls, however, had other ideas, finding hours of walking a bit boring!! (Their words not mine).

A simple answer to this was for us to download a geocaching app for on our phones.  The app shows the location of hidden geocaches all around the globe – suddenly our walks in the New Forest took on a new level of fun and excitement for our girls as they tried to find the hidden treasures.

The way of a geocache is that it holds a small notepad where you record your details if you find it.  It also contains a few small goodies.  The idea is that when you find one you leave a little something, and take a little something.  I have had to say goodbye to more than one bottle opener in a geocache!  But walking like this is a great way of hiking and training for a trek when you’ve got kids in tow.

Chris and I found the recent geocache in a tree root when we weren’t even geocaching.  We were just out hiking as part of my training for my next mountain trek and stumbled across it.  I loved the winner’s medal, but we left it for the next person who finds the cache as we didn’t have anything to leave in return.

Of course, you don’t need to be in training for anything for you and your kids to enjoy the adventure of geocaching, but if you would like a bigger adventure, just for yourself, why not think about joining us on our next trek in the Atlas Mountains for International Women’s Day this March…  You can see my webinar with all the information about the trip here



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