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Social Media Pics

A wee while ago I went out hiking with my friend – we covered well over 10 miles of muddy fields and hills, and at the end of it my legs were aching, even after my trekking experience.

During the day we stopped at 3 pubs (2 for toilet stops, 1 for lunch), but overall it was a healthy day of physical hard work.

In each pub I took a picture of the beers we drank (we each had 2 half pints, and 1 pint) and posted the pictures on Facebook.  Chris also took a picture of me on a large handmade swing which I posted on Instagram, and on Twitter I posted a picture of my muddy boots.

As I saw people throughout the following week, it became clear which set of pictures they’d seen

Some people thought I’d been out for a boozy day on the beer, some for a fun family day, some for some exercise and training – all the pictures were true and real from the day, so which ones told the authentic story?

Do You Live Life Like The Social Media Pictures?

Often when people start working with me they are leading their lives like a set of social media pictures – they are only showing certain aspects of themselves to certain people, and regularly changing they way they portray themselves in different circumstances.

Now, it’s right and proper that we have some issues that we keep private for our personal relationships, and that we behave in certain ways for certain arenas – I’m sure you would want to come over much more professional at work, than you would be worried about while you’re watching tv with the family.

We all have to wear so many different hats throughout the average day, and, I think particularly for women, we are anticipated to be able to juggle so many different roles, that it can be really easy to lose clarity on what lies at the heart of us, and our own personal authentic journey.  It can be totally tough to keep ourselves in a Mindset where we are both confident and comfortable in our own skin.

Business Plan-Away

This is something I also witness with the entrepreneurial business people I work with – they can start off with a clear vision of what it is they want to achieve in their business, but then they see so many other people, working through so many other good ideas, that they become seduced into doing what everyone else is doing. Instead of keeping a mindset of resolve, and staying focused on what they’re creating. They fail to ever break through a ceiling of success that they don’t realise they are imposing on themselves.

Has this ever happened to you?

They  end up getting pulled in so many different directions that they lose sight of their own path, AND don’t do well in business because however great the idea was it just wasn’t authentic and in-line with their true ideas…….. Sound familiar?

Your Authentic Story

Connecting to your OWN authentic story can be really challenging in this climate, AND, even more challenging to stay on your own journey when there’s so much other great stuff going on around you.

Yet it’s also hugely rewarding to follow a path that you know is unique to you…

…and the wonderful thing about doing that, is that the evidence of it will be clear to everyone that you connect with.

How About You?

Do you feel like you’re following your own authentic path?  Or does it seem like you’ve lost sight of where it is you’re going, and the confidence to get there?  Have you created a million different reasons why what you have to offer isn’t enough?

If you’d like to get some simple AND effective support in creating a Life Beyond Limitations, that sees you happy, confident, successful AND 100% ok with being you then take a look at my monthly club to see how it could make all the difference to your authentic journey.

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