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New Year Planning: What To Do First

Thinking Of Planning For Next Year?

We’re coming to the end of the year, and there’s a lot of talk afoot about making plans, putting intentions in place,setting goals, creating vision boards, and manifesting a new year to top them all – What about you?  Are you going to be thinking about what you want to create for yourself, perhaps your business too, over the next 12 months?  Have you worked with intentions or goals before, or is this your first go?

If you’re thinking of planning for a fab year to come then I want to tell you – there’s a few things you need to do first.

Drawing A Line Under The Old Year

The very most important thing you need to do bring about a fulfilling, successful, and joy filled year is to draw a line under the year that’s been.

Just like on a road map, to work out how to get to your end destination you need to know where you want to get to AND where you are – there are 3 simple steps to drawing a line under the past year, but they should not be rushed.  These will have the ability to make, or break, your coming year.

    1. Celebrate your successes – Lots of people rush this, but take your time and enjoy your moment.  This isn’t about ticking boxes, yeah, done that, got the hat and the t-shirt, it’s about actually celebrating.  Drink champagne, treat yourself to a worthy reward, go out with friends – work out what’s gone well, and really revel in it.  However good or bad your year has been make sure you have at least 12 things that you can celebrate from this year.  They don’t have to be big things, but ensure you give yourself a BIG pat on the back – well done you.
    2. Reflect on what’s not been so good – A failure, is only really a failure if you fail to learn from it too.  So now’s the time to unpick the things that haven’t gone so well this year, and reflect on why this might have been.  It can be a painful process, I know for myself there’s been a few unexpected hurdles this year, but it’s really necessary to look at these times and see the truth they hold for you.  Remember to be kind to yourself during this process – practice noticing what has been without judgement.  Ask yourself what you can learn from these things, what you can take forward into the coming year to support your journey, and what you need to leave behind to allow you to make next year your best year yet.
    3. Close the year – choose a ceremony that suits you.  As a firewalker mine will certainly involve burning things that no longer serve me, and I’m also hosting a firewalk for the Winter Solstice – but you can do anything that fits in with how you live.  You might want to do it alone, or maybe with your tribe, either is fine.  But some form or ritual or ceremony will help you to close the year.  What has been, has been, what is undone can be left undone, what is evolved is ready to go forward and grow some more – but none of this will come to pass effectively until you have closed the year.

What’s Next?

When you’ve effectively drawn a line under the year that’s been you can move forward with your planning – over the next few posts I’m going to be looking at different ways to do that.  Whether it’s withaffirmations,  goals, intentions, vision boards, workbooks, etc having successfully drawn your line under the year that’s been will mean that you’re ready to move forward – all systems go.

PSaffirmation success challenge

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