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Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Certification @ Missenden Abbey
Oct 8 – Oct 10 all-day

Are you struggling to reach the levels of success you aspire to in your coaching or training business?

Do you get frustrated, knowing you're good at what you offer, but struggling to stand out from the sea of competition?

Would you like more opportunities to show that you walk your talk, and gain the clients you desire with ease?

Having worked as a coach for several years I know first-hand how demoralising it can be to be doing 'okay', but never feeling that you have reached your full potential within your business.  I often used to  wonder if I would ever reach a point where my marketing would feel easy, and not the main part of my business.  That would-be clients would recognise what I had to offer and the difference it could make to them long-term, and that people would know I walked my talk and was passionate about enabling them to do the same.

I had a constant worry in the back of my mind if I would earn enough, get in front of enough people, or ever create the business of my dreams. I would regularly be asking myself if I should actually give it all up and go get a 'proper' job.

I must have wasted a lot of money on marketing training and strategies too. 

When I trained as a Firewalk Instructor I increased my skillset greatly, learning to carry out other activities including broken glass walking, board breaking, and arrow breaking with the throat. I soon realised that these powerful metaphors were regularly preferred by the people I was working with, and being so portable were accessible to all, leading to major breakthroughs for both 1-to-1 clients, groups, and corporate teams.

It is these pulse-pounding activities that have completely revolutionised my business, allowing me to choose who I work with, at a rate that I know I am worth. I travel the world, running my own courses and retreats, as well as gaining 5* review from organisations such as the MoD. And am recognised as a transformational leader in my field.

If you're ready to use 3 days of your life to accelerate the success of your business, to learn skills that will create an instant and profound shift of mindset for those you work with, and enable you to step up and shine, I'd like to help you make it happen.  I know that this course won't be for everyone, but if this resonates with you, please read on...

Until now these life-changing, and business enhancing activities have only been available within fire walking circles, but we are now opening the doors for a fortunate few to become certified to use these metaphors within their work too 

Introducing: Mindset Metaphor Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Certification

Training as a Mindset Metaphor Facilitator will create a whole new set of opportunities for you, and give you the freedom to no longer conform to what other coaches and trainers do.

When you say YES to this opportunity you will train to deliver life-changing breakthrough activities of Glass Walking, Arrow Breaking With The Throat, and Wooden Board Breaking, with both groups and individuals - if your clients can do this, what will they not believe possible for themselves?!

The impact you have will be extraordinary.

Growing your skillset in this way will allow you to position yourself as the expert in your field, leading to...

  • More invitations to speak - putting you in front of more people who are looking for what you have to offer, increasing your reach, and allowing you the opportunity to gain an ever increasing  tribe of followers
  • Fuller existing programmes - your courses, workshops, and retreats will start to fill with ease
  • A natural increase in your 1-to-1 work - rather than having to chase clients, they will be pursuing  you for your distinctive and high-performance skills
  • New offerings for your tribe - creating multiple ways to work with you, keeping your happy clients coming back for more time and again
  • ​The opportunity to charge more - so that you can reach your income goals, and have peace of mind in your ability to run a reliably profitable business
  • Your expertise being increasingly sought after - in a sea of competition you will be the one who stands out from the crowd
Silvia Workshop  Participant

Lottie is full of love for life and its opportunities.  Believe it or not, most of us broke wooden arrows with our throat, it felt like such a great achievement

Your investment secures...

3 Day  Training

Full Certification

Confidence and Safety

Easily Portable Business, All Ready To Go

Mindset Metaphor Tribe Membership and Ongoing Support

Licence To Use The Mindset Metaphor Name and Logo

Flexible Payments To Suit You

All this is for you if you want to walk away with a business in the boot of your car, join a community of kick-ass facilitators who walk their talk, and be ready to put together a business model YOU want to create, to choose who YOU accept as your clients, and to charge what YOU feel you're worth

Amy - M.O.D.Training Participant

I thoroughly enjoyed this course!  It is the best course I have done with the AWS, thank you

About Lottie

I have been working with the metaphors of Broken Glass Walking, Arrow Breaking With The Throat, and Wooden Board Breaking,  since qualifying as a Firewalk Instructor. I now find they make up 70% of my business, and over 80% of my profit. They are highly sought after and have enabled me to build the business I always dreamed of, creating massive impact for all I work with, as well as my profit and my reach.

I am one of only 25 Sakahani - Firewalk Instructor Certification Trainers worldwide, and over the last three years I have been part of the team delivering Firewalk Instructor Training Programmes around the world, including delivering the training for people to work with the Mindset Metaphors too.   I am now made up to be offering the opportunity for game changers like you to come along and train with me, so that you can start offering these highly impactful, life changing metaphors too.

If you're ready to step up and say YES to Mindset Metaphors Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Certification I'd love the chance to work with you!

Lisa - Mayor of DerbyEvent Participant

You are clearly wonderful people who will change the world because you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk ~ I love the approach you have towards assisting people to make the world a better place


On top of your training programme you'll receive all these additional  bonuses for free - maximising the value you get, and maximising your success

  • That's a minimum of £1458 free bonuses
Kat - British ArmyTraining  Participant

Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you

Firewalk Instructor Certification in Kenya @ Kenya - Tiriji Eco Village
Nov 4 – Nov 10 all-day
Firewalk Instructor Certification in Kenya @ Kenya - Tiriji Eco Village | Meru | Meru County | Kenya

Are you ready to step up and start changing lives?…

starting with your own?

I’m thrilled you’re thinking of taking this opportunity to take part in our comprehensive training, which will leave you with everything you need to incorporate the firewalk and other powerful metaphor activities into your own events and training, with confidence and ease.
The ancient art of Firewalking is an incredibly powerful metaphor that has the ability to be deeply impactful for all those involved, and during this 6-Day stand-alone training you will master all the intricate details that make it such a dynamic and impactful tool for transformation.  Revolutionising the way you view yourself, the world, and your business.

Join Us For Our Next Training


Tiriji Eco Village, Meru, Kenya – with transport provided from Jomo Kenyata International Airport


4th-10th November 2018



Secure your place with just £500 deposit now

You Will Not Find Anything Like The Experience Of Training With Us Elsewhere

Certification: Certification for our Firewalk Instructor Training courses is combined from Sundoor and Mindset Metaphors, enabling you to have the confidence that you will be guided in the lineage of Peggy Dylan, founding-mother of the modern firewalking movement, and will not only leave authorized to conduct firewalks, rebar bends, and other powerful metaphor activities with your own groups. You will also have access to our exclusive graduates’ forums, which host tons of information, direct links to your peers, as well as online support from those who have qualified with Peggy and other Sundoor Trainers over several years.
Training Overseas: Some of my greatest moments of self-discovery and personal growth have happened when I’ve removed myself from real life for a few days. That’s why we’re offering this rare chance to join us in a trip to Kenya to complete your Firewalk Instructor Training programme. I am delighted to be able to offer you this opportunity to gain an incredible set of new skills, while spending time in this sacred, traditional space, where magic is bound to happen.
Training With Me: As one of the UK’s leading Mindset Mentors and trainers you know you’ll be in good company when you decide to join us on this adventure of a lifetime that will lead to you gaining more bookings, more results for your clients, and more insight into how these incredible metaphors will serve you best going forward.
Time to say yes? If this is speaking to you then NOW is the time to reserve your space and start making the magic happen, I’d like to encourage you to reserve your space to join me 4-10th of November for just your £500 deposit (total investment £1947 + accommodation & meals for just $45 per night ).

You’ll become certified in…

All styles of fire walking

We are experienced in leading all styles of Fire Walking, and will be passing on our expertise to you. Including – Spiritual Firewalk, Empowerment Firewalk, Fire Walking with children, and Fire Dance.

Our training covers everything from types of wood, building a fire, preparing the coal beds, raking, tending fires, and protecting the ground, to firewalk safety, presentation skills, and workshop timing –

 We will give you as much personal experience with the fire as possible, and guide you through the process of becoming the best equipped, confident, capable and inspiring Firewalk Instructor you can be!


Glass walking (or Ice Walking as it’s sometimes known) is incredibly powerful. You’ve heard clients talk about “walking on eggshells” to describe the fragility of some relationships. Glass walking empowers your client to be in the moment, to feel and then to adjust and move on. Something that they *know* they should do, but are stuck on. The glass walking metaphor enables you to work 1-2-1 or with a group to overcome hidden fears and deeper issues. The glass walking metaphor frees the client to achieve their goals and their fears no longer have a grip on their mind.

Arrow breaking

If your client can’t get out of their own way then Arrow Breaking is perfect. To place an arrow at the base of your throat and then break it means opening up to your vulnerabilities. Within minutes your clients will break free of the negative mindset and self-sabotaging behaviours. Arrow breaking is about emotional responses and you won’t be surprised when your clients want to keep their arrow heads as a symbol of their success!

Board breaking

As any high level martial artist will tell you – board breaking is an instant mindset win. You instantly refire your neural pathways for success. This powerful metaphor leaves the client feeling incredible as they realise they can break their limiting beliefs. Board breaking is a powerful way to free your clients from their past to achieve their goals.


Additional high impact breakthrough activities

We don’t want to give everything away too soon… but you’ll be leaving with a massive toolkit of activities you can use in either individual or group work, to enable you to get the results you only dream of, for your clients and your business.

What Others Say

Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you both Kat Beaver

British Army

We’ve really enjoyed all the activities. It was really well structured in terms of the way each activity onto another and we were able to take the learning from one onto the next activity. I think it’s given us individuals a chance to bond. Verity

Copas Partnership

The training content was outstanding. The tools, the skills. the space to reflect and work as a team and have fun. Participant

Ministry of Defence

Ready to get started?

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while similar courses will have you carry out an activity once, then tell you that you are qualified to lead others through it, we will ensure you have all the input and support you need to be qualified, competent, confident, and legal to take these activities forward with your clients.

step 1

take part in the activity yourself

Whether you’ve done it before, or this is your first time, we’ll guide you through your fear to enable you to take part in each activity for yourself.  There may be a few sweaty palms, and racing pulses in the room, but this is your chance to experience each activity as your clients might.

step 2

practice leading the activity with others

With our expert support and mentoring, you’ll have as much time and opportunity as you need to practice leading each activity to get you to a place of confidence to take these forward in your own work.

This is your chance to perfect your patter, and find out what works (and what doesn’t), long before you take these activities before the public.

step 3

guidance for practical application

Which is the best metaphor for which occasion? And what is the best way to present it to be most impactful for different groups?

We’ll make sure you have all the answers to enable you to plan your own events with confidence and ease.

step 4

legals and documentation

We’ll make sure you’re really clear about what’s legal, how to get insured, and what’s best practice.

This will then all be added to your personal online resource library which, along with a plethora of other information, you can refer back to as often as you like.

Our training is the only place you'll find all these high value, incredible bonuses too....

Yours for free when you decide to join us
Membership of The Coaching Success Academy from the moment you pay your deposit, until 6 months after your training. Here you’ll find business support and guidance to help you build your thriving coaching practice. Value = priceless, but if you paid for it it would be a minimum of £295 Bonus 1

Access to our incredible resource library. You’ll need information about insurance and other things after you’ve trained as a Firewalk Instructor. Access to the Resource Library is usually £495 per year, but you’ll get it free, FOR LIFE. You’ll save oodles AND love how you’re set up for success when you work with us. Bonus 2

A breakthrough session with Lottie Moore, the UK’s Leading Mindset Coach. This call, to be taken within 3 months of certification, is one of the hidden gems of training as a Firewalk Instructor with us. Here you can brainstorm, strategise or simply pick the brains of a successful coach. Value = Priceless, but… If there was an opening (and there’s not) to work with Lottie in this way it would set you back £695. Bonus 3

That’s at the very least £1485.00 in bonuses as well as the incredible value that being a trained as a competent and ready to go Firewalk Instructor brings.

We reserve the right to withdraw these additional bonuses at any time. The best value deal is the one on the page right now. Book now to ensure you snag the very best deal. Wow!

What Now?…

If you’re ready to say YES to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity apply below now for your chance to join us in Kenya to train as a Firewalk Instructor – let’s work together to make this happen for you! The time you spend in Africa with us will not only transform your clients but transform your coaching career, and the way you view what you can create for yourself. Forever. 

If you’ve reached this far and you feel you don’t know enough to make a decision, complete the form and pay your deposit. We’ll have a no obligation chat. If it’s not right for you I’ll tell you so…. but if it is, I’ll also make sure we support you to make sure we make it happen!

Join now

5 + 3 =

UHUSIANO – Kenya Retreat @ Tirijj Eco Village
Nov 13 – Nov 17 all-day

Many have a dream to feel able to live their life to its fullest potential – imagine being set free from what holds you back, allowing you to experience success, gratitude, deeper connection, and joy in all areas of life.

Welcome to


a space to connect with…


This is your opportunity to awaken your inner potential when you join me in the never to be forgotten Tiriji Eco Village within a  traditional Meru area of Kenya, for a unique journey of growth and transformation.

You will be fully supported to explore what possibility means to you and how you can implement this in your life, as you begin to experience a deeper and increasingly vibrant connection to your untethered capacity to thrive in all areas of life.


 During your time at Uhusiano there will be daily practices for mindfulness, journaling, yoga, and more, establishing for you a daily routine not just for creating a healthy mind and body, but for keeping it that way too.

You will also be able to enjoy a locally sourced vegetarian diet during your time with us, all freshly prepared by our Kenyan support team.

Mother Earth

Our time in the Meru will include time and space to enjoy the beautiful environment of the Kenyan landscape.

You will be encouraged to explore your relationship with the nature aroundallowing everyone time and space to ground themselves in the awe-inspiring magnificence of where they are, and what they are a part of.


Guided journaling, meditation, and vision boarding will allow you to create a clear ‘beyond limitations’ vision for your future, that by the time you leave you will be fully confident and raring to go to implement.

The ongoing support you will receive in the private UHUSIANO Facebook group will ensure you receive all the support you need to follow through with your plans to create the life of your dreams, leveraging your full potential in all aspects of life.

Fullness of Being

Unlike any other retreat you’ve been on, Uhusiano will gently encourage you to explore the adventurous side of yourself, whilst leading you to a new, deeper level of inner peace and understanding.

Offering you a safe space to explore what this could develop for you in your life, business, and relationships going forward.

Personal Power

Our unique Breath Work and breakthrough activities will enable you to release those beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you.  Leaving you with a new level of clarity and focus of how your past has imprinted on your present, and how you may now take the steps to create a future of your dreams, untethered and fully prepared to shine.

SUPER Earlybird Booking Closes in








Still living off the joy from this experience!

Amazing opportunity, highly recommended.


Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Attendee

I went on an amazing trek run by Lottie in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  Everything was done to a level above and beyond expectations.

Lottie genuinely cares about her customers… and at the end of it all, you find you have made not just an acquaintance, but a friend.


Atlas Mountain, Morooco, Attendee

SUPER Earlybird Booking Closes in








Ready to step into your potential? ~ Save your space now


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Frequently Asked Questions…

During your time in Kenya you will stay in the incredible Tiriji Ecovillage, around 90 minutes outside of Nairobi.

Staying in taditional style accommodation with a modern twist, single rooms are not available, but the beautiful, traditional buildings offer everything you could want for a comfortable and cosy stay.

The price you pay includes transport from Jomo Kenyatta airport to our Meru getaway.


Transfers, all meals, accommodation, retreat sessions, and guided walks for our 5 days in the mountains are included in the price you pay.

You will need to arrange your own flights to Nairobi.

We are happy to assist you to arrange extra nights in Kenya should you wish to extend your stay.

No experience of any of the activities is necessary to be able to fully take part in the retreat and what it has to offer.

Earlybird Booking Closes in








Confirm your place now to avoid disappointment

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Moroccan Mountain Adventure for International Women’s Day @ Atlas Mounains
Mar 4 @ 10:30 am – Mar 10 @ 5:00 pm

Looking to step out of your comfort zone?...

To challenge yourself?...

And prepare to shine?​

Here’s your opportunity to take a transformational journey to the highest point of North Africa for International Women’s Day 2018, by trekking Jbel Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco with a group of like-minded women, on a once-in-a-lifetime mountain trek adventure

  • Some of my greatest times of self-discovery and personal growth have been when I’ve removed myself from real-life for a while, and faced new and exciting challenges – here’s your opportunity to experience that for yourself whilst connecting with a a new tribe of friends for life.
  • The price you pay includes everything you need to enable you to physically enjoy your time on the mountain.  From kit advice, to training day, we'll make sure you have everything covered.  We'll even assist with discounted kit hire should you not want to purchase additional items for your trip.
  • As soon as your deposit is paid you will be added to private WhatsApp and Facebook groups, where you will get the opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers - providing a safe space to share ideas, worries, and inspiration for the trip.  
  • At 4160m Toubkal is lower than Kilimanjaro, and the trip is kept to 6 nights for those that might worry about leaving family for longer trips - it will be physically challenging, but it is a trip that is achievable for all women of a reasonable level of fitness and above
  • A personal journey of this kind will make you stand out as being someone who knows how to look  beyond thier limitations, step out of their comfort zone, and shine

Want to know more?...

you can find out all you need to know about the trip on our free webinar, which also includes a lovely special offer price too.  By taking the time to tune in you'll find all your questions answered, or seize the day and pick up the phone to ask about anything you'd like to know about the trip on 0333 772 9692