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You probably don’t want to hear it, but the truth is that every year 1000s of women in business fail to reach their financial goals and the targets they set themselves.

It is the elephant in the room of so many networking events,  training programmes, and coaches sales pitches ~ No-one wants to think about the fact that their business success is proving so much harder than they’ve been led to believe, dream, or aspire to.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way, and now’s your chance to…

Double your income with The Hive in 2019


Solution Focussed 

The only way to be truly 100% solution focussed is to bring your problems to the table.  The Hive gives you the opportunity to receive guidance, training, and solution focussed problem-solving, for the issues that are currently holding you back in your business.  Enabling you to fully overcome the barriers you are experiencing to your success.


I threw literally thousands of £s into networking and training that did next-to-nothing to grow my business.  Seeing me being encouraged to survive on ‘swapsies’ and low priced offers for years.  But just when I was hitting rock bottom I decided to do things differently.  Over the last two years I’ve learned to surround myself with the right people, the right resources, and the right level of accountability.  The results speak for themselves with me quadrupling my income one year, and over doubling it the next. I’m now ready to share this method of success with others.

Growing Success, With Success

Part of reaching the success you have in your heart involves you showing up for yourself and your business and doing the work – because The Hive is only for women already creating a level of income within their business, you know you’re going to be surrounded by others that do just that.  You will be expected, encouraged, and supported to think big, work hard, and do what it takes to grow your success.

Capped Number

The Hive is for a maximum of 8 women at any one time.

Double Your Income 

 You may have been trying for so long that you’re beginning to believe it’s impossible, but I want to encourage you that now is the time to take the lid off what’s been holding you back, and get ready to Sky-Rocket your success with The Hive in 2019.


The Hive is an affordable space for you to grow your business, costing just £247 a month you’ll be looking at 10Xing your investment over the year.

Who Is The Hive For?

Women in business are welcome to apply to join The Hive if…

  • their business has been established for a minimum of 6 months
  • their business is currently bringing in an average minimum of £1000 a month
  • they run a service based business
  • they would like to at least double the income from their business
  • they enjoy seeing other women thrive

What’s So Special About The Hive?

Go Beyond Mastermind

Only ever learning what the group leader knows, leaving holes in your ability to grow


Go Beyond Networking

Connect with a bespoke few who are already journeying to success and will know how to support you


Go Beyond 1-to-1 Coaching

Avoid the expense & pitfalls of working with a 1-to-1 coach or mentor


Say Hello To The Combined Energy, Connections, and Knowledge Of The Hive THE BEST PLACE To Grow Your Business & Double Your Income

Your Questions Answered

Do I have to physically attend meetings?

Yes. You will be expected to attend the meetings as this is the way you will gain maximum benefit from being a part of The Hive, and give value to other members too.  If taking your commitment to at least doubling your income in the year seriously, then the investment of your time will be well worth it, and there are hotels available within 5 minutes from as little as £35 a night.

Where will meetings be?

Thame Barns Centre, Church Rd, Thame OX9 3AJ

What do you mean by service business?

By service business we are referring to any business that does not sell a physical product as its main source of income

I'm not taking £1000 a month yet, can I still join?

No.  The Hive content and structure is specifically aimed at women in business who are already enjoying a certain level of success.  If you’re an ambitious female business owner who’s not quite there yet then I’d STRONGLY encourage you to put it on your intentions list and reach out when you’re in a position that you’re ready.

How long do I have to join for?

Membership to The Hive is for a minimum 12 month period.

About Me

I believe in walking the path less traveled, which has taken me from living in Burkina Faso, to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world, alongside the adventure of supporting others to step out of their comfort zones along the way.

My passion is to encourage others to think outside the box, to experience life beyond their limitations, and to enable them to take the leap into their extraordinary where they can enjoy adventure, inner peace, and ULTIMATE SUCCESS.  If you’re looking for a new level of motivation I’d love to speak for you!

You Can Expect

  • No more than 8 members
  • Business growth & income increase focus
  • Monthly meeting with
    • Lunch & Refreshments
    • Solution focus session on your business
    • Mindset support
    • Intention & commitment setting
  • Private Facebook Group with
    • Mindset support
    • Solution focus support
    • Regular training
    • Safe space
    • Your business showcase
    • Feedback opportunities
    • Intention and commitment accountability
  • And so much more

What Others Say

Lottie offers exceptional training and mindset coaching
which allows you to step out of your comfort zone and realise your power and potential. You are in very safe hands.


International Image Coach, Jo Baldwin Trott - The Colour Evenagelist

I’d like to thank Lottie Moore
for her support, inspiration, and encouragement. I will be back to do more work with her. I am still buzzing from the experience!


Homeopath, Homeopathy With Helen

Lottie is skilled at bringing out the best in people
and is realistic and understanding of the challenges people can face individually.  When I see Lottie, I find that during and after the experience, I feel positive and energised.


Clinical Massage Therapist, Move Well Massage


I know times can be tight over Christmas, so let me offer you 50% off your first month in The Hive.