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If you’re seeking a truly inspirational, motivational speaker for your event, look no further…

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Let Lottie inspire your people with her personable, poignant, and entertaining talk.  Tailored to the specific needs of your group

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Who is Motivational Speaking From Lottie For?

Whether you’re a business, education, community, or corporate organisation, Lottie’s unique keynote talk is guaranteed to both inspire you, and motivate you to take action.

As a highly skilled communicator, whose exceptional speaking ability has been recognised since she won the High School Public Speaking Competition at 12 years old, Lottie has already assisted thousands of people around the world to challenge what they believe is possible for themselves, and start their journey beyond their comfort zones.


Unlock Your Full Potential

Prepare To Take The Leap Into Your Extraordinary


Be inspired by Lottie's personal story

Create a mindset for success

Challenge yourself to see where you could adopt change

Learn simple tools to support you on your journey

Implement determination & personal responsibility

Leave motivated to take action

Valueable Takeaways

A motivational speaker should do just that! Motivate you to create change and continue your personal or team development.

Lottie won’t disappoint.


Professional & Approachable

From  corporate boardroom,  to school classroom, Lottie’s energetic, experienced, and encouraging nature ensures everyone has maximum gain (& maximum enjoyment!) from hearing her speak.

Audience Centred

By focussing on the outcomes most important to you and your people, Lottie will ensure maximum benefit is created for everyone involved when she speaks for you. 

Relatable & Encouraging

Lottie’s story will take you from 12 year old school girl, to life in Burkina Faso, via some of the highest peaks in the world.   Be inspired to think that if she can make this type of journey, then why can’t you?

I Came Away Feeling Like A Warrior Queen
If you are looking for transformational self discovery and empowerment, then Lottie is your woman!


Professional Stress Management Through Yoga, Balance and Breathe

I Found Her To Be A Powerful And Engaging Business Speaker
sharing her own personal experience & giving insights on how to create a positive mindset with useful actions to overcome personal challenges to achieve success


Business Relationship Manager, Santander

Not Only Was Her Talk Interesting & Engaging, She Inspired The Whole Room

If you’re looking for a genuine and fun speaker with a great message I’d certainly recommend Lottie


Commercial Manager, Jennings

About Me

I believe in walking the path less traveled, which has taken me from living in Burkina Faso, to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world, alongside the adventure of supporting others to step out of their comfort zones along the way.

My passion is to encourage others to think outside the box, to experience life beyond their limitations, and to enable them to take the leap into their extraordinary where they can enjoy adventure AND inner peace.  If you’re looking for a new level of motivation I’d love to speak for you!


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