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Creating A Winning Online Course Mindset…

is not always as easy as it sounds. 

This is often because you don’t even realise that it’s your mindset that is the problem as you move through your plans to get your first online course up-and-running.  It can be very easy to tell yourself that there are other reasons why you just haven’t got that course lined up and ready to go.

BUT I can almost guarantee that whatever reason (excuse) you’re telling yourself is behind the course not quite being ready, Mindset gremlins will be bubbling away, just beneath the surface, preventing you from launching your course and creating the business of your dreams.

Here’s 5 ways mindset could be sabotaging your first online course – which one/s resonate with you?

  1. I don’t have the right equipment to start recording – I hear this all. the. time. But the reality is nowadays you can record a course on your phone and away you go!  So what’s really stopping you?  I hate to break it to you, but if you’re telling yourself you need a fancy video recording software, full lighting set, and super-mic setup, you’re not actually telling yourself the truth. What’s that about then…
  2. I don’t have a big enough following yet – if you only have a small following on Social Media, or little to no list, then this is actually the perfect time for launching your first course! It means you get a chance to refine your content, tweaking what works best for both you and your fans, as their feedback comes in and you start to learn what works well, and what doesn’t.  It also means that you have an awesome product all ready to offer as your following grows.
  3. I don’t look good on camera – when your clients invest in your online course then what they’re actually investing in is you. Warts and all.  Always take the time and energy to look the best you can for your online course videos, but also keep it simple and be authentic to yourself.  If you suddenly show up wearing half a ton of make-up or a designer shirt, your clients will smell a rat and run a mile.  Trust me, they’ll be much more interested in if you’re smiling, friendly, and keeping it real.
  4. I don’t understand the online tech – it’s true, tech can be a big learning curve if you’re not used to working in the online world, but just like with anything else, there are always easy options available. If it’s in budget how about paying someone to set it all up for you, or take part in a training course that will walk you through. Or, why not run the course through a Facebook group where you can get some great live content and interaction with your clients, before you move on to more expensive options?
  5. I don’t know where to start – create a plan then! You could grab some free access to an online mindmapping tool, or if you’re anything like me, grab your post-it notes. PLAN your course content. PLAN what you need to do in what order to get it up and running. and PLAN to get started.
  6. I feel like an imposter – do you doubt your own knowledge?  Or Google your subject matter to find there are others covering similar subjects that are better known than you? The good news is… that’s really good news! ‘Good news?’ I hear you cry – YES, because if there’s content already available on the subject then that means that there are people out there looking for content on your subject AND none of it so far is created by you.  Your fans, followers, and clients, will be ready to invest in what you offer, because they want to invest in you.  Have confidence in what you have to offer, because the reality is it could (and probably will) be life changing. We are all developing our skills, and knowledge as we move through life, if you need to come back and update your content in 18 months time, so be it. But if you wait until you know it all before you go live, it will simply never happen OR your head will get so big you won’t be able to fit it on the screen for the videos anyhoo.

I promised you 5, but we’re already on 6

How did that happen?!

The reality is that for just about any reason you could possibly give me for not creating and launching your online course, Mindset will underlie it, and the mindset issue will be related to a fear.  BUT the good news is, you’re in the right place.  As a Master Firewalk Instructor I’m pretty damn good at helping people step through their fear, and stay in that space of taking action. So let’s not allow these mindset gremlins to actually sabotage your course.  Here are some things you can do to see you through the process.

  • Journal regularly – observe the reasons/excuses you’re telling yourself that are holding you back and ask yourself ‘what’s that all about?’.  Then get the answers and solutions out on to paper in your journal.
  • Create a wins jar – so many people think this is a great idea, but so few actually do it!  When you have a win in your business, especially towards creating your online course, pop it down on a post-it and put it in your jar.  Anytime the self-doubt gremlins appear you’ll have a whole heap of reminders as to why you can actually do this.
  • Regroup and reground – anytime you notice that your mindset gremlins are getting the better of you, take 5 minutes to regroup and reground, and then make the decision to move forward.  How about taking some deep breathes and really focussing in on those, or stepping outside in the fresh air. Take some time to explore what works best for you.


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