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How I Created My Monthly Online Mindset Club

For ages I have wanted to run an online course or membership package here at Mindset Metaphors, but I had consistently stalled about getting it done.  Just like my post yesterday about stepping out of your comfort zone I didn’t know where to start, and, although I know I’m fantastic at all things Mindset, I lacked confidence in working with the online tools to get the course in place.

That all changed when I saw that the folk at Leads Launch Leverage where running a course on setting up a monthly online club – I jumped at the chance to take part in the programme as I knew that it would allow me to fill the hole in my skillset so that I could begin offering access to my teaching and expertise on a much wider (and more affordable) scale.

With the support I’ve had on the training programme getting all the material in place has seemed like a smooth journey… Here’s some of the (fun) things I’ve had to do to bring the Life Beyond Limitations Club to life.

  • Come up with a name – At first I was going to call it the Mindset Action Plan (and that still has a place), as I like the idea of the club being a road map to where you want to get to… Out of the comfort zone! But I eventually decided on Life Beyond confidenceLimitations as my ‘tag line’ has been looking beyond your limitations for years, and I want the club to be somewhere people don’t just step out of their comfort zone, but a safe space that supports them to stay there.
  • Name the different levels – This is where my MAP has ended up, and I really enjoyed naming the levels after things that would assist people on their journey. From MAP to Compass, followed by Sherpa for those looking for a little extra support, and completing with the Trail Blazers that other people will struggle to keep up with as they bound along their journey. I really enjoyed coming up with these names, and they’re such a good fit given I run the Mountain Trek in Morocco for International Women’s Day.
  • Decide on prices – It was great to pull together some prices that I know will allow anyone to become a monthly member without breaking the bank.  I’m also really pleased that I’ve managed to offer prices that allow me to give up to 50% off all Mindset Metaphor events and training.
  • Peer support and shenanigans – As part of the training package there’s been a private Facebook group. There’s been great fun and games in there, as well as support, feedback and ideas from other members.  Sarah and Kevin Arrow have set the bar high, but this is definitely what I aim to achieve with the Life Beyond Limitations group too.

I’m super-chuffed that my Monthly Online Mindset Club is just launching!

The journey to get here has been hard work, as well as lots of fun.  I’m sure that will be clear to the people that come in as members, and that the club will offer brilliant value to anyone that gets involved.

If you’d like to know more then pop over to the Life Beyond Limitations Club to see how you could be a part of what I’m confident will soon become a thriving online community, as well as a great place to gain Mindset support, training, and advice.

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