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What Is A Mindset Routine?

The chances are that when you read the title to this blog post you could have had a whole range of thoughts, moving from ‘there’s such a thing as a Mindset routine??…’, to, ‘Oo, I wonder if what I do is on the list!’.

Mindset has become a bit of a buzz word over the last couple of years, and although I often work with metaphors that enable people to have a BIG and dramatic shift in Mindset, I also recognise that creating a Mindset for success and fulfillment is an intentional and ongoing process – those that are likely to be most successful in both their business and personal lives are those that take their Mindset seriously, and show up to do the work to not just get it to a good place, but to keep it there.

In that way, a Mindset Routine can be pretty much anything you practice regularly that supports you to challenge your belief systems and encourages you to look beyond your limitations to what might be possible.  Different ways of doing this will work best for different people, but here are 5 things your Mindset Routine should include if you want it to be effective.

5 Things Every Great Mindset Routine Should Have

A time for reflection – this is a two-way process. When you’re spending time reflecting it’s important to take stock of what’s gone well, and what hasn’t.  Sometimes the honesty with yourself required for this process can be tough, it can be hard to both sing our own praises, and admit when something isn’t working, but without this time you’re going to be unable to move forward towards even more of what you want to achieve.  Missing this reflection out of your Mindset Routine will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the rest of your routine, so don’t be tempted to skip it – even if it challenges you!

The important part of this process is to do it without passing judgement on yourself. Remember, the past can’t be changed, so when you fully open yourself to the reflection, there is no right or wrong, only learning.

It’s a good idea to keep notes on what your learnings are from your time of reflection.  Journalling is a great tool for helping you with this, and a great excuse to treat yourself to a new notebook. It will also help you to keep your focus on a commitment to yourself to bring more of what’s working into your life.

Celebration –  one of my key mantras is Celebrate What You Want To Replicate. Once your time of reflection helps you highlight what you’re doing well it’s important to find a way that suits you to celebrate that. The way you do this will be different for just about winningeverybody (I’m rather partial to a glass of bubbles), so choose something that’s meaningful to you, and let it become a habit.

Celebrating the smaller wins is a great way of inviting the bigger ones along.

Attitude of gratitude – practising gratitude for all the great things you have in life can assist in putting a spring in your step, as well as leaving you open to finding ways to serve others that will be meaningful for them.

It’s true that in life there is always going to be someone who is worse off than you.  Sometimes when you’re going through tough times it can be a challenge to focus in on that, and you can slip into a state of mind where you feel sorry for yourself.  That’s why getting into the practice of adopting an attitude of gratitude as part of your Mindset Routine can be so useful. Why not try coming up with 3 things each day that you’re thankful for. At first this may feel a little contrived and it may be difficult to come up with things you are truly thankful for, but soon it will become habit, and you won’t be able to stop yourself coming up with a lot more!

Grounding – where are you?  Right here, right now? Grounding is the practice of taking stock, of planting yourself firmly in your reality, and leaning into that to see where it takes you.  I’d love to share a great Mindfulness technique that you can carry out pretty much anywhere, at any time, that will help you ground yourself instantaneously.  It’s called the 3 breathe check-in…

The 3 breathe check-in is exactly that, 3 breathes that enable you to fully focus and connect.  You can do it during a time of silence or meditation, or you can do it while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or for the train to arrive… You literally just take 3 breaths.  During that time you should turn all your focus to those breathes – how do they feel as they pass through your nose?  Are they warm, or cold? Can you feel your chest rise or fall? What happens in your abdomen? Does it make your fingers or your legs tingle?…

By the end of the 3 breathes you should be feeling fully grounded, and experiencing a sense of peace, within a reality of yourself and your surroundings – if you decide to give it a go I’d love to hear how you get on.

Intention Setting – what are your intentions for yourself?  What do you plan to achieve, or invite more of into your life? You don’t need to know all the hows and whys of how you’re going to do that right now. But if you don’t set the intention to create it, you’re fairly likely to be still dreaming of it a year or two from now, rather than experiencing it for yourself.affirmation success challenge

Different people will have different ways of formulating their intentions.  Some will like the structure of setting goals and chunking them down, others will enjoy dancing with their drum or rattle under the full moon.  Why not experiment with a few different ways of setting intentions and seeing which you enjoy, and maybe more importantly, which ones are effective for you.

I find creating affirmations to support my intentions REALLY great to help me bring what I would like more of into reality – if you’d like to give that a go, why join in my free 28 Day Affirmation Success Challenge. Whether you’ve tried working with affirmations before, or it’s a whole new process for you, the challenge offers lots of ideas and support to enable to make sure the work you do with affirmations brings great results.

When’s the best time for a Mindset Routine?

I would really recommend getting into the habit of practicing a Mindset routine every morning – you don’t need to include every single section every day, if you find creating the time for each section each day difficult, you’re better off taking a different part for a different day each week, rather than giving up completely.

In the same way, if mornings don’t work for you, try different times to see what is the most beneficial, and the easiest for you to stick to.  And don’t forget to include the celebration of sticking with it as part of your Mindset Routine too!

Why bother with a Mindset Routine?

Rather than me answering this question for you, why don’t you adopt a Mindset Routine for the next 6 weeks and take a look at the results you achieve – I’d love it if you’d stop by and let me know how you’ve got on, and the differences it’s made for you in your business and personal life.


A Mindset Routine takes time to cultivate, grow, and adapt to what suits you – to give everyone a chance of building up a Mindset Routine that’s effective and reaps results please give this post a share


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