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C is for Calm and Steady

Where I worked as a Social Worker in the 90s we had two goldfish who we named Calm and Steady. Little did I know at the time that 20 years later I’d be encouraging people to be more goldfish.

Adopting a mindfulness mindset can enable you to remain calm and steady when all seems to be crumbling around you! Something that was very much needed in my Social Worker days, and something that is often needed for regular 21st Century living too.

When people join us at events where we firewalk I enable people to take their energy up, to enjoy the excitement (and nervousness) of their adventure with us, but it’s still important to stay calm and in control when it comes to walking.

In practising Mindfulness we are encouraged to pay attention to our own emotions, then to focus on what triggers those emotions to enable us to move forward in a way that we experience those triggers, without reacting to them. This is at the heart of the MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) that is taught in Mindfulness courses. But  you can also start to think about how you can stay calm and steady for yourself in your mindfulness practice, and take that forward in your day to day life,

So come on – be more Goldfish!

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