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During meditation and Mindfulness practice lots of people have questions about how they should breathe. It is traditionally taught for yoga and meditation that you should breathe slowly and deeply, in through the nose, and out through the mouth… Is it the same in Mindfulness?

Well breathing slowly and deeply is good for relaxation, so this style of breathing would be great if it comes fairly naturally to you, but in a previous blog I mentioned that Mindfulness is all about awareness without judgement, so the best way to breathe during your mindful practice is how you would usually breathe!

Your breath can be a great thing to focus on during your meditation – you might like to give your attention to how it makes your chest of stomach rise and fall. But try not to get distracted by worrying about whether you’re breathing right (or wrong) if you can.

You could also focus on how the breath feels in your nose, or mouth. Is it warm, or cold? Does it give different sensations on the in breathe to the out?

There are lots of ways you can turn your attention to your breathing as you are practising Mindfulness, and as you relax into your practice you should find your breathing will become deep and relaxed naturally without you worrying too much if it’s right or wrong.

Why not leave me a comment with how you get on, if you decide to give it a go.


Keep an eye out on the blog series for when I share the 3 breath check-in practice

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