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A is for Awareness

Mindfulness is a great practice that can help you on your journey to creating a positive Mindset for yourself, so I thought that I would share some top tips and tricks to getting more Mindful here on the blog over the next few weeks. And today I’m starting at the beginning.

A is for Awareness

I often get asked what Mindfulness is all about.  Is it religious? Is it Buddhist? Is it meditation? Is there a special way to sit?…  Although Mindfulness seems to be a big ‘buzz word’ at the moment, there are lots of people that have very little idea of what it actually involves.

The reality is that, although Mindfulness can involve meditation and has it’s roots in Buddhist traditions, it is in fact a mindset that can be adopted by anyone to assist with a more relaxed and contented way of life.

So what is Mindfulness?… Quite simply, to be mindful is to be aware – aware of what is going on around you, aware of what is going on with your body, aware of what is going on with your thoughts.  Not judging, not trying to change, not reacting or worrying, just being aware. This can be more challenging than it might sound! But is a highly rewarding too.

Mindfulness is awareness 

If you’d like to find out more about Mindfulness why not join me over the next month as I blog through a Mindful alphabet, sharing more information and tips for adopting a mindful mindset…. anyone got any ideas what X could stand for??…..

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