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Have you ever wondered why your affirmations don’t work?

Have you ever tried working with affirmations?  What has your success in using them to create what it is you want in your life been like?  Without guidance on using the affirmation process successfully, many people can be left in limbo, wondering why their affirmations don’t work – if this has happened to you, believe me, you are not alone.

I often speak to people that start working with affirmations but then become frustrated because they don’t reach the results they were hoping for.  They become demoralised, and disillusioned with the lack of results – worse still, some people begin to doubt that they will ever get to where they want in life. Rather than creating what they want, using affirmations leads to a big dent in their self-confidence.

Why your affirmations don’t work

When I work with people during my free 28 Day Affirmation Success Challenge I see the same patterns in people as to why their affirmations don’t seem to be working.  Like so many things in life it’s so easy for me to see when I’m looking on from the outside, but when they’re in the midst of it it just isn’t so obvious….. Here are the top three reasons I see as to why people’s affirmations don’t work.

  1. They use wishy-washy wording – rather than being direct about what it is they are affirming they ‘pretty-up’ the language they’re using, sadly this makes the affirmations rather wishy-washy too.  Let me give you an example – if I invite 30 people to my party, how many people are coming to my party?…. It’s quite likely that the full 30 won’t be able to make it, right?

If I accidentally leave my front door open, how likely is it that some random stranger will walk on in?

It’s the same with affirmations.  Using phrases like – I invite abundance, or I’m open to love, etc might sound great, and I’m sure look pretty good on a meme too BUT if you want to create these things in your life you want to start using affirmations that are actually affirming!

Try ‘I experience abundance in all its forms every day’, or ‘love finds me’, instead – I’ll bet you’ll soon notice a difference, both in your mindset around these things AND in your actual experience of them.

2. They get lazy – for affirmations to work well you need to be using them in a variety of ways, regularly.  This involves actively engaging with them, which involves showing up and doing the work.

I often find that people can be insistent that they are using their affirmations, but when I dig a little deeper they are only using them in certain ways that they find quickest and easiest.  A classic for this is people putting the affirmation as a background on their phone, but not bothering to print it out.  Or someone saying the affirmation 10 times at bedtime, but not getting up early to write it out… If you want to create a future that surpasses your dreams, then you need to commit the time and energy required to make sure it’s a success.

3. They don’t believe themselves – If you’re worried about making rent then however many times you affirm to yourself you’re a millionaire you’re actually highly unlikely to create this reality.  The niggle in the back of your mind will let you know that you are in fact lying to yourself, not affirming.

Of course, overcoming self-doubt can be a multi-layered process, so I’m reluctant to offer a one sentence solution to this BUT there are ways you can use your affirmations to support you on this journey, rather than work against yourself.

Start by working with affirmations that are affirming your ability to achieve what it is you want, rather than that you have already achieved it – let this percolate in your mindset for a few weeks, before moving on to affirming what it is you want to create as a reality.

One of my favourites (and most successful) affirmations for this is ‘I have everything I need to….’

What would your to… be?  Create a business that sustains you and your family?  Find the man of your dreams?  Successfully complete a course you don’t know how you’ll find time for?… You have everything you need!

Want To Give Affirmations Another Go?

If you’ve tried working with affirmations before, but have found you haven’t had the success you’d hoped for, or you haven’t managed affirmation success challengeto stick with them the way you’d planned, why not give them another go?!  With a better understanding of why your affirmations didn’t work, you’ll probably find it a lot smoother journey too.

My 28 Day Affirmation Challenge walks you through the process of getting started – from helping you formulate that all-important habit over the first few days, to working out which ways of working with the affirmations suit you best.  Better yet, it’s free!  Why not sign up and see how you get on?  I’m on hand to help you out, and you might just find that this time is the right time for you and your affirmations!



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