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Affirmations Vs Law Of Attraction – What’s the difference?

The line between affirmations and the law of attraction is often a grey murkey one, I’ve even had people that run law of attraction businesses ask me what the difference is!… But even with the overlap that can’t be denied, there are also clear differences that cannot be denied.

From a personal perspective, I would say I live intentionally, and use affirmations to support me as part of that process.  I am clear about the fact that I find working with affirmations more in-line with my personal beliefs and results, than the law of attraction, just as I find working with intentions provides much better results for me than working with goals.  To be able to make these statements means I have to be clear on what each is, and ways to practice them in a positive manner.

So, from my own experience, here are the 5 main differences when we compare…

Affirmations Vs Law Of Attraction

  1. Starting with beliefs – In yesterday’s post all about what affirmations are, I gave the dictionary definition of affirmation, ‘statements which affirm something to be true’.  The emphasis of the Law Of Attraction is to focus on what you want, whereas, the emphasis of Affirmations if to focus on your belief that you could have what you want first, and then call it in. For instance, however many times you tell yourself you’re a millionaire, if you’re not, and you don’t believe you can be, it’s not likely to happen (sorry if that shocks you!). With this in mind, working with affirmations to increase your wealth is unlikely to involve creating an affirmation about being a millionaire, but instead, you would create an affirmation that brings your focus to your belief that you could be a millionaire.
  2. Choosing your areas – When you’re working with affirmations you choose the area of your life, or business, where you want to create change.  With Law of Attraction, although you can choose to focus on specific areas, the overall belief is that wherever your thoughts go in day-to-day life, that’s what you’re creating for yourself all of the time… my head’s a noisy place! So, to me, affirmations are a much more focused way of working.
  3. You don’t deserve the shit – With the underlying belief of Law Of Attraction being that you call into your life what you focus on, then many would state that when things go REALLY wrong that’s what you’ve created for yourself too. I have to state for the record that I absolutely don’t believe that. Of course, our belief systems can limit us, and that’s why working with affirmations involves doing a lot of work on your personal beliefs about yourself, but things outside of our control go wrong all the time too. I saw on Facebook recently that a friend was going to pick up her new ‘dream’ car, when she got there, the car wasn’t ready, and she was hugely disappointed – did she create this situation? Of course she didn’t!  the slack mechanic’s behaviour was outside of her control.  This is a light-hearted example, but when it comes to things like serious illness, family deaths etc – anyone working with affirmations will never suggest that you created these things for yourself, or, most importantly, a simple mantra can bring about a cure.
  4. Part of the same you can use affirmations as part of Law Of Attraction practices, but this does not make affirmations a lesser process.  The affirmations used in LoA will once again be focussing on what you want to receive, rather than focusing on creating a new truth for yourself.
  5. Gaining a little support along the way – Law of Attraction is focussed on your thoughts, and what they create.  You can ask an accountability buddy to help you out with that, but of course, when someone tells you not to think about a pink elephant, what’s the first thing you think about?… Whereas affirmations can be called out by as many people as you choose, and this can create really powerful processes.  In some of my workshops we do an exercise called 4 Square where groups come together to create affirmations together. They then speak these over each other, and uphold to use them for the other people their group – it is a hugely powerful and moving experience when facilitated properly, and a great example of how others can support you on your affirmation journey.

What Now?

Well, if these are new terms for you, I hope this post has encouraged you to try out using either the Law Of Attraction or Affirmations – affirmation success challengeperhaps you could give both a go and see which you find works best for you.  And if you already practice one or the other (or both) I hope this has shed some light on the processes for you, and given you an even better understanding of what you’re doing, and why – there is no right or wrong here, the title affirmations vs law of attraction does not mean that they stand in opposition to each other.  Each process has positive things to offer, and some aspects will resonate more with some people than others.  That’s not to say that either is better than the other.

That said, my personal choice is to work with Affirmations, and if you’re interested to know more (either as a newbie, or someone that would like to deepen their experience) then I’d love to share a bit more of my knowledge and expertise with you!

You can sign up for my free 28 Day Affirmation Success Challenge here – I’m running the first live round through December, and it would be great if you decided to join us!


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