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Affirmations Are Great

I love working with affirmations, so much so I’m about to run a free 28 Day Affirmation Success Challenge to help get other people using them too. When used properly they can be a great way to go deep to connect with what it is you truly want for your life, and then start creating it for yourself.  Earlier this week I wrote a post about what Affirmations are, so today I’m going to take a look at what they are not.

Affirmations Are Not Excuses For…

  • Telling Lies

Affirmations can get a bit mixed up in the whole ‘fake it til you make it’ mentality. I agree that this can sometimes be a good practice for those looking to affirm their own abilities and struggling to instil in themselves the level of self-belief they truly need.  BUT this should not be used as an excuse for telling lies to others about your experience or true abilities….

A few years ago I worked with my (now) ex for a while.  While preparing some course material he was adamant about including a ‘coaching cheat sheet’ that he said he used regularly with his coaching clients when working with clients on the phone, even though I didn’t like it.  It was a long time later that I found out he had only ever had one coaching client, and had not done any telephone sessions with them at all.

Maybe to himself he excused his behaviour as creating a great affirmation of his coaching success, faking it til he was making it, but actually, all he was doing was lying… not surprisingly, he never did make it as a coach!

  • Being Lazy

Creating powerful affirmations about what you want to create for your life is a fantastic thing to do. I truly believe they can bring about amazing change and growth, sometimes beyond your wildest dreams.  But this is not an excuse to sit back on your butt and wait for things to happen.

Most things we want to create for ourselves will also involve creating a plan of action, and working towards the end goal.  Affirmations are a great way of supporting yourself on that journey, but carried out on their own without the other things involved, they are unlikely to lead to success.

Having the life we want usually involves true commitment, with more than a pinch of hard work, affirmations without the effort will be unlikey to add up to what we aspire to.

  • Giving Up

Affirmations are not a quick fix. If you think that by creating an affirmation and saying it to yourself 5 times before you go to bed for a week, you are going to bring about a massive change in your life, then I’m afraid you are very likely to be disappointed.

You are also likely to miss out on a load of good stuff before you ever get to it!  Being persistent and tenacious in your use of affirmations can bring about magical things in your life and business, don’t be tempted to try them for a fortnight, and then use the lack of immediate results as an excuse for giving up. Like most fine things in this world, affirmations can take time.

  • Blaming People’s Focus

Sometimes bad shizzle happens in life. Sometimes this can be due to our lack of focus, or self-belief, or just our deep-rooted values and beliefs about all sorts of things.

But sometimes bad shizzle really does just happen.  It doesn’t matter what your focus has been, or what your beliefs about yourself or what you deserve are, sometimes bad stuff just lands in your lap.  I touched a bit more on this in my post comparing affirmations and the law of attraction but use (or no use) of affirmations is not a good excuse for blaming people for their lack of focus on the good stuff, when really bad stuff befalls them.

In the same way, it’s not good to blame yourself when things go awfully wrong, when you’ve been doing your damndest to bring about fab stuff.  This is especially true when it comes to serious illness and loss of loved ones.

  • Ill-wishing People You Don’t Like

Ok, we all know in honesty that we all encounter people in our lives we don’t like from time to time.  And sometimes we have the unpleasant experience of coming across people we really don’t think are very nice.

The later can often be associated with people we have once cared about, or maybe we thought cared about us, who have maybe hurt us somehow, or we consider have done wrong by us in someway…. maybe a bit like my lying ex above!

Affirmations are very much focussed on positive intentions, and creating positive outcomes for yourself… but the two have to go hand-in-hand. There may be times in life where you half consider a positive outcome to be a mean old ex-walking under a bus, but letting these thoughts skim across your mind, and actually wishing bad things on someone are two totally different things. And affirmations should never be used as a means of ill-wishing someone.

Whether it’s your cranky ex, a business ‘competitor’ copying your ideas, or your best mate running off with the chap (or chapess) you’ve had your heart set on for months, you should never be creating affirmations that wish them anything but the best.  Take my advice, leave the affirmations purely to focus on yourself and the great things you want to achieve, and kill the others with kindness 😉affirmation success challenge

Creating Great Things – No Excuses

If you’d like to have a go at using affirmations as a positive tool for creating great things in your life, and/or business, why not sign up for my 28 Day Affirmation Success Challenge?  It’s free, and a great way to get some direction and support on your journey of using affirmations, whether they are something completely new to you, or you are looking to start working with them at a deeper level.

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