Are you struggling to reach the levels of success you aspire to in your coaching or training business?

Do you get frustrated, knowing you’re good at what you offer, but struggling to stand out from the sea of competition?


It doesn’t have to be that way, our instructor certification training programme will leave you with everything you need to add new, dynamic, & highly impactful tools to your client offering ~ making you the one to watch.


Would you like more opportunities to show that you walk your talk, and gain the clients you desire with ease?

Join Lottie and Martins, some of the world’s leading Mindset & Business mentors and trainers, live on this free webinar to find out all the information about the upcoming training programme in May, and how you could secure your place on this once-in-a-lifetime programme.

Lottie offers exceptional training 

which allows you to step out of your comfort zone and realise your power and potential. You are in very safe hands.

Jo Baldwin-Trott

Rock Your Brand

Totally beat my Tony Robbins Firewalk hands down!

Lottie delivered the preparation for the group effortlessly – supportive, fun, engaging and informative. The Firewalk was something else.

Laura Evans

Unleash Your Potential

Thank you Martins!

For me this was an opportunity to look once again at my goals and values of life, as well as to achieve new energy for future achievements. 

Dainis Zaltans