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Why Worldwide Changes Should Impact On Your New Year Plans

Everywhere I’m going at the moment I’m hearing an overriding story of how pleased people are 2016 is over – it has been a challenging year for many.  For me it has seemed to be a year of great loss, and alongside that it has been a year of the famous leaving us.

With the dawn of the concept of celebrity in the 1950s, the 2010s has seen the dawning of them passing in high numbers, and many people seem to have felt the impact of that as they have lost people they looked up to and admired. It has felt like a tough year full of unexpected and unwelcome goodbyes.

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On top of all that though there has been a change in the political climate – the UK voted for Brexit, the press has been increasingly full of fear mongering, hate has become acceptable, and Donald Trump was voted president of the United States.  This malignant worldwide atmosphere is having a massive affect on how everyone is feeling about the year that has just been, and this means that it MUST have an impact on how you make your new year plans, and what you put in place for your goals for the coming months and years.

When I saw this news article headline show up in my social media feed this afternoon I knew that I had to write this post, I knew that I had to ask you to step up, alongside me. I wholeheartedly believe that 2017 is the year that we all have to do more. 

Just as there has been an increase in fear mongering, and hatred, so there has to be an increase in strong leaders who are ready to speak out against it – and I feel that this is something many people are overlooking when they are doing their planning.  Please don’t let that be you.

When you are doing your planning for the coming year please give conscious and considered thought as to what you can do to be a part of overcoming the dark and dismal distress 2016 brought with it – 

things may seem too big for you to have any real impact, but the reality is that it’s going to take a lot of ‘little ol’ mes’ to make any difference, but if enough of us join together, we will be able to at least be a little bit of the love we’d like to see.

So What Can You Do?

Well, we all need to step up, but each persons role in this will be different.

I would encourage you to build your leadership skills in an environment that will enable you to recognise fear, and overcome it – both in yourself, and in others.  For some that might be considering taking part in our F.I.T. programme which is growing leaders in Africa, as well as the Western World.

I would encourage you to be as visible as possible in what you choose to do. That can mean posting on social media, but how about joining one of the marches taking place around the world on the 21st January.

And I would encourage you to consider how your part in the change that needs to come will affect your planning for the year to come.

However the Worldwide changes impact on your New Year Planning it’s increasingly clear to me that impact they must – if this resonates with you please give this post a share to encourage others to start thinking about these issues as they set their New Year plans too.


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