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Want To Feel Revived In Body And Mind?  TRY THIS.


Do you find you’re increasingly living a  life that leaves you feeling stressed, fatigued, and generally frazzled?  I have seen lots of blog posts that give lists of things that you can do to help yourself with this (I’ve even written a few), but today I wanted to share the ONE thing I believe more than any other can give you back more energy and focus, enabling  you to feel totally  revived in body and mind.

The good news for you is that it’s SO SIMPLE, and fast, and easy to implement… You will wonder why it challenges most people. It challenges them a lot.  Society has become set up to make you believe that you can’t manage without your 4G.

Let me confess, I always just used to put my phone on silent when I went to bed at night, yet always leave it running. But for the last 18 months or so I have had a run of people very close to me being in hospital very poorly.  I didn’t want my phone on silent in case I received an important call, but I also didn’t want it buzzing and beeping by the bed all night with Facebook alerts and so on.

I started to turn the wifi and 4G off on my phone as I settled down to sleep.  Turning it back on as I awoke. The fact that I was able to do this was a revelation to me.  Something I had never even considered before.

20160909_122109-01Slowly but surely I started turning it off more and more.  Firstly putting it back on at a later time in the morning, then when I went out for a walk on the Phoenix Trail, then the supermarket…. now I do it all. the. time.

The results for me have been significantly noticeable.  As a woman running her own business I had trained myself to believe that I couldn’t possibly manage without my phone, that it would be detrimental to my work, and my success.  But this has most certainly not been the case.

For me this has led to a lessening of physical stress – I am no longer at the beck and call of a beeping phone, but can relax (even if I’m working on another task) knowing that when I do put the wifi on and check alerts and emails, I’ll be able to give it my full attention and not miss anything.

The headspace it has created for me has been invaluable too. I am able to be so much more mindful of what is going on, and be totally in the moment, without the distraction of buzzing and beeps that are unimportant to that particular time. I truly feel renewed, and know that you can too.

However, the reality is, lots of people see this as a challenge too far

You have been so conditioned to believe that the world will fall apart if you don’t have your phone that many people, just like yourself, really struggle to implement this.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefit of not being a slave to your phone then you could begin just as I did, with small, defined chunks of time, then build that up.  Seeing what works for you (and what doesn’t).  You may also want to keep a journal of your progress so that you can mark the benefits to your health and headspace as you notice them too.

Some support with stepping away from your phone

And if you’d like some support on your 4G free journey, why not come along to one of our events? You’ll love witnessing the transformation in others as they step away from their phones and begin to feel refreshed and revived… And guess what! They’ll love seeing it in you too.

We actively encourage people to go screen-free while they spend time with us on our 12 acre natural woodland site.  So it  will give you the chance to connect with like-minded people on a similar journey, as well as offering you the opportunity to connect with the great outdoors, and your inner self.  Whether it’s for one evening, or a 3 day retreat.

Why not take the first step and use your phone, as a phone?   Give me a ring on 0333 772 9692 to find out how you can switch off from technology and move towards a refreshed and alert future  – I’m happy to chat through which event would work best for you.

Here’s wishing you all the best for stepping away from the 4G, and stepping towards feeling revived in body and mind – let me know how you get on!


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