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How Do You Rebuild When You Feel Broken?

Lots of the people I work with have at some point in life experienced feeling completely lost or incomplete, many support individuals themselves that are in the process of this experience, and use their personal learning to help others.  But for some the sense of loss of personal power and choice can be truly debilitating – yet it is possible to overcome these experiences and even go on to great things.  I saw this video recently, and it got me thinking about how we as individuals can rebuild when we feel broken.

I started today to write a post to assist people to give their confidence a kick up the butt on the days it has up and left – but it left me thinking about what we can do when every kick up the butt under the sun isn’t working, when we are dreamsleft feeling bruised and broken, and our dreams shattered.  When we feel well and truly stuck in a hole it can be incredibly challenging to envision life outside of where we are – for some it can literally be a challenge to imagine life outside of the duvet, so is it possible to rebuild when you feel broken? 

Whether you have experienced abuse, cancer, bullying, business failure, having your heart stomped on, loss, deceit, bankruptcy, or one of a zillion other triggers that will be personal to each individual through their own unique experience – is it really possible for us to reverse the damage that has been done?  To reclaim the missing piece of our dreams?  To continue on a journey of personal development and growth?

I like to think so!

I don’t have any magic answers – I don’t believe there is a secret recipe to success with this one, but both my brokenpersonal experience and those that my work enables me to come alongside, has taught me that for those that hang on in there, there is often something quite magical on the other side. 

Lots of the mindset metaphors we offer in our events and retreats can create really powerful experiences for those that have been left feeling broken – to witness the impact that they can have for those that feel completely undone is quite magical too.

Breakthrough activities like breaking arrows with the throat, or glass walking, won’t be right for everybody – but for some it can be the very thing that assists to rebuild what has once been broken.


I want to see as many people offered that opportunity as possible!


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If you’re feeling broken right now, it does get better – often different, with a whole new set of challenges – but always better.  Why not seek out some help from a coach, therapist, or doctor.  And sign up for our newsletter to come along to a workshop and experience mindset metaphors that could really help you.





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