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Music To Firewalk To

I really enjoy adding new tracks to the playlist we use for firewalks – I always try to choose songs by the content of the lyrics, rather than the artist as I appreciate that everyone has different music tastes, and most definitely not everyone shares mine!

I do love finding a song that seems to sum up the empowerment of a firewalk, and have even been know to pull the car over to make a note of the name of a song that has come on the radio and made me think YES! So I thought over the next few weeks I’d do some posts introducing some of those – I wonder if you’ll have heard of them, and if they’ll resonate with you.

The most recent song I’ve added is All I Want Is Love from A Great Big World – I’d love to hear what you think, and if you have any recommendations for songs I should check out too, so do leave me a comment with your thoughts.


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