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Music To Firewalk To From One Of My Fave Bands

If you follow my bog you probably know that this is not the first post I’ve written about music to Firewalk to.

At lots of my Firewalk events I like to play music that will get people in the right frame of mind to walk the coals – music with lots of energy, empowering lyrics, and hopefully lots of fun too!  It’s always a great buzz for me when I hear a song like that from one of my favourite bands… that’s why I’ve been excited about Walk Off The Earth’s tune Fire In My Soul.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been stuck at home with a broken leg.  I’ve been listening to this song regularly, often several times a day.  At first I could only have a bounce on my butt on the bed when I listened, but everyday I’ve used this song to help get me shifting again.

Just as we can set intentions by writing in a journal, creating a vision board, or through mediation, I’ve used this song to assist with cementing my intention that I will be walking again ASAP so that I can dance on the fire to this song.

With just a week to go until I firewalk again I know that this song has helped me along my healing journey – and I can’t wait to add it to my playlist of music I will be firewalking to.

How About you?…. Do you have the fire in your soul?

Take a look at our upcoming firewalk events and get yourself booked in to come and join me for some uplifting and empowering music as you cross the coals!

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