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Dare To Change

Today I saw a very short video that was nothing to do with Firewalking, and yet it really summed up to me the difference Firewalking can make in people’s lives.

People have lots of reasons to take part in a Firewalk, some for personal development, some to raise money for a cause close to their heart, some because they really can’t work out how it’s possible, and some just for a great picture to put of Facebook.

BUT Firewalking, and other breakthrough activities, have the power to plant a seed…

if you can walk coals hot enough to melt an engine block, then actually, what can’t you achieve if you’re bold enough to give it a go? 

When that seed is allowed to germinate we become bold enough to look beyond what we have thought to be impossible – impossible for everyone, or quite regularly just impossible for ourselves – we open doors to the things our heart truly desires and we figure out how we can get on and achieve it.

We stop battling the demons we have created ourselves.

So often we cling on to the life we live at the moment because it is comfortable and familiar, but Firewalking has the ability to enable us to look outside of that and dare to change.

Here’s the video I saw….



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