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Family Friendly Firedance For International Women’s Day @ Walter Davis Centre
Mar 18 @ 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Family Friendly Firedance For International Women’s Day @ Walter Davis Centre  | Stoke Poges | England | United Kingdom

Family Firedance for International Women's Day

Join me this March to celebrate International Women's Day at our family firedance with firewalk.

Together we will be creating a sacred space for all generations to come together to experience being a part of something bigger.

Our fires will ignite a passion inside you and yours, allowing you to get fired up for what's important to you, fired up for each other's dreams, and fired up for the dreams of generations to come

As we come together during the afternoon you can expect to gain

  • A HUGE boost of self-confidence
  • An understanding of how limiting beliefs hold you back and how you can overcome this
  • Likeminded friends
  • Positive feminine energy and enthusiasm
  • Ideas of ways you can support each other within your family group, extended family, and friends
  • Lots of fun, and even some belly laughing
  • A wonderful adventurous celebration that will form memories for life

All at our exclusive site of 13 acres, nestled in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, but within 20 minutes access to the M25, M40, M4 and London Heathrow.

Carole LawrenceFirewalk participant

This was my first firewalk, and I hope it is not my last!

I'm very much a bucket list person, a "feel the fear and do it anyway" person. So when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn't say no.  You could feel an amazing energy from all those around, both the participants and the facilitators. Everyone was so friendly, open, and ready to connect to one another.

"How on Earth were we going to pull this off", I thought. But there was no need to worry. The team was there "to the rescue"! Lottie always stated, "you can only be KISSED by the fire". It made us all feel safe, secure, and cared for. You could tell that the facilitators are passionate about what they do and they wanted this to be a life altering experience for us

Let this event be a new anchor point in your life, a moment in time you can transport yourself back to should you ever feel afraid or insecure in any future situation. A reminder of that time where you will feel so brave, unstoppable, because that is who you will be. That is who you will become.

Why we're celebrating International Women's Day

In 2010 I lived in Burkina Faso, West Africa, with my daughter, and it was there I was first introduced to the idea of International Women's Day.

In Burkina the day is a bank holiday.  All the women sit with their feet up​, while the men do all the jobs around the house and look after the women's needs.

Our fire dance will be the same, as we will have an all male crew tending the fire - serving the women so that we can all enjoy our time together.​

In more recent years International Women's Day has become more widely recognised in the Western World, and for me it remains a day that should be celebrated by us all.  The firedance will give you the opportunity to celebrate will kindred spirits, fanning into flame your passion, and your connection with each other.

Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this 

We'd love to have you join us, but places are limited, so to guarantee your spot

Diane SearsTherapist at Mellowland Therapies

I loved it, it was very relaxed and well organised, with a great group of liked minded people.

​it was organised so well, I felt really safe in Lottie's hands as before I did the walk I thought this is a crazy thing to do but she briefed us before and talked us through it.

I would definitely recommend it ​!

Your fireside adventure will be led by...

Lottie Moore - founder here at Mindset Metaphors with a passion for encouraging women to step up, and step out... supporting them to play full out, and enjoy every step of the journey.

Lottie is a Firewalk Instructor Trainer, with vast experience of leading both adults and children across the hot coals.


LisaFire Walk Participant

You are clearly wonderful people who will change the world because you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk ~ I love the approach you have towards assisting people to make the world a better place

Our Fire Dance

We will be fire dancing in the Bulgarian tradition of Nestinari - but with our own twist, just for you.

We will all come together for the lighting of the fire - a time to set your intentions, and connect with the fire, before heading indoors for refreshments, warrior face painting, and a few surprises.

Before you come to the fire we will give you everything you need to have an enjoyable and safe experience in the form of the seminar... then we will be ready to go!

Rather than traditional Bulgarian music, ​we will be listening to modern music with lyrics that are empowering and energising - you will be sent a copy of the YouTube playlist beforehand to allow you all to become familiar with the songs and some of the words before the big day.

When the fire is right, the men will prepare a round fire for us, and we will come together to dance and sing around the fire - everyone ​will be given the opportunity to walk the fire before anyone who then chooses joins us to dance out the coals.

It will be a magical and memorable experience.​...

...And you ticket price includes all this to make it happen​

  • Unique Motivational, and fun, seminar - full of positive energy, covering everything you need to know about how to walk safely over the hot coals
  • Refreshments throughout the afternoon
  • Firewalk place - you don't have to walk if you don't want to... but you will want to!
  • Firedance - with exclusive access to our YouTube playlist before the event to enable you to become familiar with the fantastic,empowering music we'll be playing.

It would also be really lovely if you could join myself,  and the team, to finish the day in style with our celebratory outdoors dinner, and even free camping - please bring food with you that the whole group will be able to share, and also your tent and camping equipment if you'd like to stay

Lisa HiggingbottomMayor of Derby

An absolutely fabulous life changing experience! From a great team - very friendly, very supportive.  Everyone should firewalk with Mindset Metaphors.

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photo used with kind permission of Firewalking Africa

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you arrive in good time for registration, anyone arriving after 3pm will not be admitted and no refund will be given

Anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to firewalk, or take part in the seminar, and no refund will be given

All adult participants will be asked to sign consent at registration, indicating ability to make informed choice, and that they are firewalking of their own freewill

No refunds can be offered, however, tickets can be transferred to another individual if you find yourself unable to attend

This event is dependant on minimum numbers