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Krishna Gurung – Community Empowerment @ Tam Nepalese Community Centre
Dec 17 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

On 17th December Krishna Gurung is bringing people together for an afternoon of empowerment, community spirit, and Firewalk – will you be joining us?

Empowerment Seminar with Krishna

Krishna Gurung is a Certified Master Fire Walking Instructor , Bipasana Practitioner , Gurkhapreneur and Community Leader. His mission is to serve people to over come their fear so they become the person of change. Krishna is a passionate family man originally from the beautiful country of Nepal, now living in Farnborough. He truly believe in personal empowerment, and will be sharing some of his secrets of success to make 2018 your best year yet during the afternoon seminar.

The Firewalk ~ face your fears, with an empowering & unforgettable firewalk

Anyone 16 and over can take part in the firewalk – literally stepping out of the comfort zone to create an unforgettable evening of exhileration and amazing energy!

Places for this firewalk are limited and are expected to sell out fast so get your place confirmed today

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Empowerment Seminar with Krishna Gurung £15
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Firewalk and Empowerment Seminar £30
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Please note this is a not for profit event…

heart shaped firewalk


The GRNC & Tamu Dhee

This event is being organised by Greater Rushmoor Nepalese Community (GRNC) which is charitable organisation, Registered Charity number : 1106632 .
GRNC is working towards integration between the Nepalese Community and the local community, helping Veterans along the way.
We also offer our thanks to Tamu Dhee for giving us use of their premises for the event.
We are delighted that the event is being supported by local leaders, including, Rushmore Borough leaders, Aldershot Garrison Commanders, Community Leaders, Aldershot MP Leo Dochetry and Mayor of Rushmor.

To join us as part of this wonderful community event get your tickets now

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Empowerment Seminar with Krishna Gurung £15
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Firewalk and Empowerment Seminar £30
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The Smallprint

  • Any individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to take part in the firewalk, and will not be offered a refund.
  • It is important to take part in the pre-walk talk and preparation – any individual arriving late for the seminar will not be allowed to take part in the firewalk, and will not be offered a refund.
  • If you find yourself unable to attend the event, we are unable to offer a refund, but are happy for you to gift your place to someone else.
  • End times are only approximate, the firewalk will draw to a close when the fire is ready to be walked, and all participants have had the opportunity to take part.
  • This event is dependant on minimum numbers attending


108 Firewalk For Winter Solstice @ Walter Davies Centre
Dec 21 @ 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

This is your opportunity to join us for an extraordinary Winter Solstice as we come together to walk the 108 Firewalk this December - walking three fire beds 36 times each, you will have the opportunity to walk fire 108 times during the evening.

This is a powerful, and deeply rooted occasion that will enable you to set intentions for the coming year, while walking in circle with the other participants , and fully connecting with the energy from Mother Earth and the fire

108, and derivatives of the number, are  significant in many different belief systems and cultures, and all are welcome to join us for this event - here are some examples of where the number can be found, and there are many more too

  • Buddhists chant in repetition 108 times
  • There are 54 beads on a rosary
  • There are 108 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet
  • 108 energy lines converge to form the Heart Chakra
  • The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth
  • ​There are 36 feelings related to the past, 36 to the present, and 36 related to the future

The benefits of firewalking are different for different people, at different times.  From taking part in the 108 some of the things you can expect are...

  • Heightened self confidence
  • Feeling joyful and energised
  • More self-assurance
  • Increased ability to connect with, and trust, your intuition 
  • A beter understanding of your own limiting beliefs, and how to overcome them
  • A tribe of like minded friends
round firewalk

The event will start at 4.00pm, but you are welcome to join us any time from 3.00pm on the day

End times are only approximate, and the 108 will officially close when everyone has had the opportunity to walk as part of the group​.  Your ticket also includes a light supper after the firewalk

After the Firewalk you are welcome to stay on with us for a celebratory drink. For the hardy among you, you are welcome to camp on the night, and booking is available when you purchase your tickets.

Places for this event are highly limited, so to avoid disappointment please book early

Winter Solstice 108 Firewalk

Only a few hundred people on the planet have completed the 108 firewalk.

​For your opportunity to be one of them, and to take part in this magical, unique, and empowered experience

Connect & Create – Yoga and Vision Boarding Day @ South Wales - to be confirmed
Jan 18 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Do you have big dreams for 2018, and beyond? 

Would you like an opportunity to get a vision in place for how your year will look? For yourself, even for your business?

Are you ready to say YES to living up to your full potential?


Is it your time to work with facilitators that recognise your unique greatness, and are ready to come alongside you to enable you to manifest a life that follows your authentic journey?

with thanks to Nicola Schafer Photography


Yoga is the practice of uniting mind, body and soul together, bringing you in connection to yourself at a deep and profound level. And a Vision Board, if created well, is a powerful tool that comes truly from your heart to enable you to focus unconsciously on what it is you want to create for yourself.

 Bringing these two practices together will enable you to focus in on what it is you truly want to create for yourself, and bring together a powerful vision of how that can happen, allowing you to connect with your deepest truth, and make it a reality. 

Join us for this 6-hour workshop if you’re ready to start living a life that brings out the best of all aspects of what you do, and those you connect with.

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Admits 1 - 2018 purchase price £97
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EarlyBird - Admits 1 purchased before 1st January £70
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Admits 2 - 2018 purchase price £175
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In this unique workshop, Esther Nagle will guide you through a yoga practice that will allow you to connect deeply to yourself, to relax and release all tension in mind and body, and open you up to your intuition and knowing.  Enabling you to step into your vision boarding process, fully connected to yourself.

The day will begin with a yoga session which is suitable for people with a whole range of abilities, whether novice or yoga at vision board workshopexperienced yoga student, you will have something gain…

The session will include…

  • Quiet contemplation
  • Asana (postures)
  • Pranayama (breath control)
  • Relaxation

During the day we will come together to enjoy a Bring and Share Luch, so you’ll be asked to bring a vegan contribution that everyone can share – hot & cold drinks and fruit are on us!

The latter  part of the day will be dedicated to Vision Boarding.  You will be guided through this process by Lottie Moore, and can expect…

  • Mindfulness exercise – to enable you to fully connect with your own senses
  • Choice exercise – leading you to a place where you are tuned in to your personal intuition
  • Breakthrough activity – enabling confidence that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to
  • Vision Board – creating your own vision board ready to take away with you


The day will be brought to a close with a relaxation exercise facilitated by Esther – allowing you to ground yourself fully before leaving.

Spaces for the day are limited, to ensure you don’t miss out, Book Now

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Admits 1 - 2018 purchase price £97
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EarlyBird - Admits 1 purchased before 1st January £70
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Admits 2 - 2018 purchase price £175
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Meet the facilitators

Lottie is a breakthrough specialist, founder here at Mindset Metaphors, and best known as a Master Firewalk Instructor Trainer. She is highly experienced in leading groups to phenomenal results, whilst creating an atmosphere of laughter, support, and creative possibilities.

Esther is a yoga teacher, stress management coach and author of Bent Back into Shape, Beating Addiction Through Recovery. An experienced teacher, she is passionate about the power of yoga to transform life for the better, allowing you to step into your full potential, accessing the health and happiness that is your birthright as a human being.

Between them they have been featured across all forms of media, including,

  • Good Housekeeping Magazine
  • BBC Radio
  • Top Sante
  • Psychologies Magazine
  • Sky News

And now they would like the opportunity to share some of their expertise with you.

What others say

“Everything was done to a level above and beyond expectations. Lottie genuinely cares about her customers… and at the end of it all,  you have not just made an aquaitance, but a friend” – Nicola, Vision Board Worskshop Participant


 “I was completely new to Yoga, and whilst my workload doesn’t allow me to be a total daily convert, she inspired me to listen to my body and my breathing and get off the couch more often. Thanks Esther for your endearing qualities.” – Carole Standfast

To benefit from this rare opportunity to work with these 2 facilitators together, reserve your place now

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Admits 1 - 2018 purchase price £97
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EarlyBird - Admits 1 purchased before 1st January £70
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Admits 2 - 2018 purchase price £175
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Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Certification @ Missenden Abbey
Feb 21 – Feb 23 all-day

Are you struggling to reach the levels of success you aspire to in your coaching or training business?

Do you get frustrated, knowing you're good at what you offer, but struggling to stand out from the sea of competition?

Would you like more opportunities to show that you walk your talk, and gain the clients you desire with ease?

Having worked as a coach for several years I know first-hand how demoralising it can be to be doing 'okay', but never feeling that you have reached your full potential within your business.  I often used to  wonder if I would ever reach a point where my marketing would feel easy, and not the main part of my business.  That would-be clients would recognise what I had to offer and the difference it could make to them long-term, and that people would know I walked my talk and was passionate about enabling them to do the same.

I had a constant worry in the back of my mind if I would earn enough, get in front of enough people, or ever create the business of my dreams. I would regularly be asking myself if I should actually give it all up and go get a 'proper' job.

I must have wasted a lot of money on marketing training and strategies too. 

When I trained as a Firewalk Instructor I increased my skillset greatly, learning to carry out other activities including broken glass walking, board breaking, and arrow breaking with the throat. I soon realised that these powerful metaphors were regularly preferred by the people I was working with, and being so portable were accessible to all, leading to major breakthroughs for both 1-to-1 clients, groups, and corporate teams.

It is these pulse-pounding activities that have completely revolutionised my business, allowing me to choose who I work with, at a rate that I know I am worth. I travel the world, running my own courses and retreats, as well as gaining 5* review from organisations such as the MoD. And am recognised as a transformational leader in my field.

If you're ready to use 3 days of your life to accelerate the success of your business, to learn skills that will create an instant and profound shift of mindset for those you work with, and enable you to step up and shine, I'd like to help you make it happen.  I know that this course won't be for everyone, but if this resonates with you, please read on...

Until now these life-changing, and business enhancing activities have only been available within fire walking circles, but we are now opening the doors for a fortunate few to become certified to use these metaphors within their work too 

Introducing: Mindset Metaphor Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Certification

Training as a Mindset Metaphor Facilitator will create a whole new set of opportunities for you, and give you the freedom to no longer conform to what other coaches and trainers do.

When you say YES to this opportunity you will train to deliver life-changing breakthrough activities of Glass Walking, Arrow Breaking With The Throat, and Wooden Board Breaking, with both groups and individuals - if your clients can do this, what will they not believe possible for themselves?!

The impact you have will be extraordinary.

Growing your skillset in this way will allow you to position yourself as the expert in your field, leading to...

  • More invitations to speak - putting you in front of more people who are looking for what you have to offer, increasing your reach, and allowing you the opportunity to gain an ever increasing  tribe of followers
  • Fuller existing programmes - your courses, workshops, and retreats will start to fill with ease
  • A natural increase in your 1-to-1 work - rather than having to chase clients, they will be pursuing  you for your distinctive and high-performance skills
  • New offerings for your tribe - creating multiple ways to work with you, keeping your happy clients coming back for more time and again
  • ​The opportunity to charge more - so that you can reach your income goals, and have peace of mind in your ability to run a reliably profitable business
  • Your expertise being increasingly sought after - in a sea of competition you will be the one who stands out from the crowd
Silvia Workshop  Participant

Lottie is full of love for life and its opportunities.  Believe it or not, most of us broke wooden arrows with our throat, it felt like such a great achievement

Your investment secures...

3 Day  Training

Full Certification

Confidence and Safety

Easily Portable Business, All Ready To Go

Mindset Metaphor Tribe Membership and Ongoing Support

Licence To Use The Mindset Metaphor Name and Logo

Flexible Payments To Suit You

All this is for you if you want to walk away with a business in the boot of your car, join a community of kick-ass facilitators who walk their talk, and be ready to put together a business model YOU want to create, to choose who YOU accept as your clients, and to charge what YOU feel you're worth

Amy - M.O.D.Training Participant

I thoroughly enjoyed this course!  It is the best course I have done with the AWS, thank you

About Lottie

I have been working with the metaphors of Broken Glass Walking, Arrow Breaking With The Throat, and Wooden Board Breaking,  since qualifying as a Firewalk Instructor. I now find they make up 70% of my business, and over 80% of my profit. They are highly sought after and have enabled me to build the business I always dreamed of, creating massive impact for all I work with, as well as my profit and my reach.

I am one of only 25 Sakahani - Firewalk Instructor Certification Trainers worldwide, and over the last three years I have been part of the team delivering Firewalk Instructor Training Programmes around the world, including delivering the training for people to work with the Mindset Metaphors too.   I am now made up to be offering the opportunity for game changers like you to come along and train with me, so that you can start offering these highly impactful, life changing metaphors too.

If you're ready to step up and say YES to Mindset Metaphors Breakthrough Empowerment Coach Certification I'd love the chance to work with you!

Lisa - Mayor of DerbyEvent Participant

You are clearly wonderful people who will change the world because you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk ~ I love the approach you have towards assisting people to make the world a better place


On top of your training programme you'll receive all these additional  bonuses for free - maximising the value you get, and maximising your success

  • That's a minimum of £1458 free bonuses
Kat - British ArmyTraining  Participant

Genuinely one of the best courses I’ve attended in years and all down to the professionalism and personalities of you

Moroccan Mountain Adventure for International Women’s Day @ Atlas Mounains
Mar 4 @ 10:30 am – Mar 10 @ 5:00 pm
Moroccan Mountain Adventure for International Women's Day @ Atlas Mounains | Marrakesh-Tensift-El Haouz | Morocco

Looking to step out of your comfort zone?...

To challenge yourself?...

And prepare to shine?​

Here’s your opportunity to take a transformational journey to the highest point of North Africa for International Women’s Day 2018, by trekking Jbel Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco with a group of like-minded women, on a once-in-a-lifetime mountain trek adventure

  • Some of my greatest times of self-discovery and personal growth have been when I’ve removed myself from real-life for a while, and faced new and exciting challenges – here’s your opportunity to experience that for yourself whilst connecting with a a new tribe of friends for life.
  • The price you pay includes everything you need to enable you to physically enjoy your time on the mountain.  From kit advice, to training day, we'll make sure you have everything covered.  We'll even assist with discounted kit hire should you not want to purchase additional items for your trip.
  • As soon as your deposit is paid you will be added to private WhatsApp and Facebook groups, where you will get the opportunity to get to know your fellow travellers - providing a safe space to share ideas, worries, and inspiration for the trip.  
  • At 4160m Toubkal is lower than Kilimanjaro, and the trip is kept to 6 nights for those that might worry about leaving family for longer trips - it will be physically challenging, but it is a trip that is achievable for all women of a reasonable level of fitness and above
  • A personal journey of this kind will make you stand out as being someone who knows how to look  beyond thier limitations, step out of their comfort zone, and shine

Want To Know More?

you can find out all you need to know about the trip on our free webinar, which also includes a lovely special offer price too.  By taking the time to tune in you'll find all your questions answered, or seize the day and pick up the phone to ask about anything you'd like to know about the trip on 0333 772 9692 

Family Friendly Firedance For International Women’s Day @ Walter Davis Centre
Mar 18 @ 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Family Friendly Firedance For International Women’s Day @ Walter Davis Centre  | Stoke Poges | England | United Kingdom

Family Firedance for International Women's Day

Join me this March to celebrate International Women's Day at our family firedance with firewalk.

Together we will be creating a sacred space for all generations to come together to experience being a part of something bigger.

Our fires will ignite a passion inside you and yours, allowing you to get fired up for what's important to you, fired up for each other's dreams, and fired up for the dreams of generations to come

As we come together during the afternoon you can expect to gain

  • A HUGE boost of self-confidence
  • An understanding of how limiting beliefs hold you back and how you can overcome this
  • Likeminded friends
  • Positive feminine energy and enthusiasm
  • Ideas of ways you can support each other within your family group, extended family, and friends
  • Lots of fun, and even some belly laughing
  • A wonderful adventurous celebration that will form memories for life

All at our exclusive site of 13 acres, nestled in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, but within 20 minutes access to the M25, M40, M4 and London Heathrow.

Carole LawrenceFirewalk participant

This was my first firewalk, and I hope it is not my last!

I'm very much a bucket list person, a "feel the fear and do it anyway" person. So when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn't say no.  You could feel an amazing energy from all those around, both the participants and the facilitators. Everyone was so friendly, open, and ready to connect to one another.

"How on Earth were we going to pull this off", I thought. But there was no need to worry. The team was there "to the rescue"! Lottie always stated, "you can only be KISSED by the fire". It made us all feel safe, secure, and cared for. You could tell that the facilitators are passionate about what they do and they wanted this to be a life altering experience for us

Let this event be a new anchor point in your life, a moment in time you can transport yourself back to should you ever feel afraid or insecure in any future situation. A reminder of that time where you will feel so brave, unstoppable, because that is who you will be. That is who you will become.

Why we're celebrating International Women's Day

In 2010 I lived in Burkina Faso, West Africa, with my daughter, and it was there I was first introduced to the idea of International Women's Day.

In Burkina the day is a bank holiday.  All the women sit with their feet up​, while the men do all the jobs around the house and look after the women's needs.

Our fire dance will be the same, as we will have an all male crew tending the fire - serving the women so that we can all enjoy our time together.​

In more recent years International Women's Day has become more widely recognised in the Western World, and for me it remains a day that should be celebrated by us all.  The firedance will give you the opportunity to celebrate will kindred spirits, fanning into flame your passion, and your connection with each other.

Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this 

We'd love to have you join us, but places are limited, so to guarantee your spot

Diane SearsTherapist at Mellowland Therapies

I loved it, it was very relaxed and well organised, with a great group of liked minded people.

​it was organised so well, I felt really safe in Lottie's hands as before I did the walk I thought this is a crazy thing to do but she briefed us before and talked us through it.

I would definitely recommend it ​!

Your fireside adventure will be led by...

Lottie Moore - founder here at Mindset Metaphors with a passion for encouraging women to step up, and step out... supporting them to play full out, and enjoy every step of the journey.

Lottie is a Firewalk Instructor Trainer, with vast experience of leading both adults and children across the hot coals.


LisaFire Walk Participant

You are clearly wonderful people who will change the world because you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk ~ I love the approach you have towards assisting people to make the world a better place

Our Fire Dance

We will be fire dancing in the Bulgarian tradition of Nestinari - but with our own twist, just for you.

We will all come together for the lighting of the fire - a time to set your intentions, and connect with the fire, before heading indoors for refreshments, warrior face painting, and a few surprises.

Before you come to the fire we will give you everything you need to have an enjoyable and safe experience in the form of the seminar... then we will be ready to go!

Rather than traditional Bulgarian music, ​we will be listening to modern music with lyrics that are empowering and energising - you will be sent a copy of the YouTube playlist beforehand to allow you all to become familiar with the songs and some of the words before the big day.

When the fire is right, the men will prepare a round fire for us, and we will come together to dance and sing around the fire - everyone ​will be given the opportunity to walk the fire before anyone who then chooses joins us to dance out the coals.

It will be a magical and memorable experience.​...

...And you ticket price includes all this to make it happen​

  • Unique Motivational, and fun, seminar - full of positive energy, covering everything you need to know about how to walk safely over the hot coals
  • Refreshments throughout the afternoon
  • Firewalk place - you don't have to walk if you don't want to... but you will want to!
  • Firedance - with exclusive access to our YouTube playlist before the event to enable you to become familiar with the fantastic,empowering music we'll be playing.

It would also be really lovely if you could join myself,  and the team, to finish the day in style with our celebratory outdoors dinner, and even free camping - please bring food with you that the whole group will be able to share, and also your tent and camping equipment if you'd like to stay

Lisa HiggingbottomMayor of Derby

An absolutely fabulous life changing experience! From a great team - very friendly, very supportive.  Everyone should firewalk with Mindset Metaphors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Take Photos?

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Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

photo used with kind permission of Firewalking Africa

Terms and conditions

Please ensure you arrive in good time for registration, anyone arriving after 3pm will not be admitted and no refund will be given

Anyone found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to firewalk, or take part in the seminar, and no refund will be given

All adult participants will be asked to sign consent at registration, indicating ability to make informed choice, and that they are firewalking of their own freewill

No refunds can be offered, however, tickets can be transferred to another individual if you find yourself unable to attend

This event is dependant on minimum numbers