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The Secret To Success

The other day I read a blog post that was accompanied by a picture of Richard Branson that was entitled 12 Weekend Habits of Highly Successful People……. To be honest, it horrified me! I was left thinking ‘if that’s how successful requires me to spend my weekends, then I don’t think I want successful, is this honestly what the secret to success is all about?’

Then I checked myself!  Hold on a minute!  I consider myself successful……..maybe with a long way to go, but getting there, and being successful on my way.  AND my weekends don’t look like the weekends in the earlier blog post, MY weekends consist of drinking gin with friends, catching up on the laundry, and wearing my jammies round the house.

2014-08-17 14.58.00Sooooo, am I successful?  Well, I guess that depends on how you rate success.  If it’s about how well known your name is, how many properties you own, or how many millions (billions?) you’ve accrued, then, no, I’m probably not.  But that’s not how I rate success, and, when we sit with the reality that celebrities like Robin Williams can take their own life in their $35 million houses, I’d like to challenge how you on the way you view success too.

I live in one of the most run down properties in my home town, it’s quite a ‘twee’ home town, and my guess is my flat is not the type of place people would think a successful business women would live BUT I blew all my dosh on going to live a year in West Africa with no income. I consider the travel opportunities I’ve offered my daughter to be a key part of both of our successes.

Unlike the blog I read, my life is not all planned out, with every moment accounted for.  I aim to work 30-32 hours a week, it is not evenly spread per week, but fits in with school holiday needs and allows for sacred family time.  Getting this balance, especially when it’s involved turning down work, has been challenging, but as a parent this is what has been important to me.  When my daughter was on the waiting list for spinal surgery and we knew she would require 2 months off school for recovery.  Some people said ‘what will you do?  You can’t take 2 months off work!’  My response was always, ‘O yes I can’.  Of course I couldn’t do absolutely nothing for 2 months, but I could fit my work in around it, in fact it was a great opportunity to write lots of blogs! And having this kind of working lifestyle is something I consider makes me successful. It has enabled my business to thrive while being stuck at home with a broken ankle this year too.

Most of all though, VERY most of all, I consider myself successful because I am happy.  Sometimes happy is challenging!  Sometimes happy is HARD, but I make a choice to be happy.  Sometimes that’s a difficult decision to stand by, but I make a commitment to stick with it, and I’m good at that, and THAT is what makes me successful, or happy, or happily successful, or successfully happy.  I don’t know which is the best way to phrase it…… but here are MY habits of successful people, that if you want to be successful, or happy, or….. you get the picture!  You could have a go at these 8 habits too.

go anywhere

1. Invest in the relationships that are important to you – prioritise those that can nourish you

2. Know when to say yes AND know when to say no – be respectful of your own time and energy

3. Use mistakes and rejections as learning tools – but don’t dwell on them

4. Respect your body – eat well, exercise, and allow yourself time to rest

5. Invest in experiences before belongings – the one life you have? Live it!

6. Practice generosity at every opportunity – recognise your own power to effect positive change for others

7. Live in the present – no worries, no regrets

8. Don’t get sucked into other people’s dramas – support where you can, know when to step away

What other habits do you think make people successful too?


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