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If you’re reading this post it could be for two reasons

If you already know what a vision (or mood) board is then you might just be after a bit of helpful info on……..

How To Create A Vision Board

Which is great, because that’s what this post is all about. But for some it might be that the image or heading have just caught your eye, so let’s start at the beginning with……

Why Would You Create A Vision Board?

A vision board will help you to focus unconsciously on what it is you want to create for yourself, and therefore assist you in vision boardmanifesting those things within your life.  It works as a subtle reminder, I like to think of it as a gentle whisper, of what it is you’re working towards, that comes truly from your heart.

Having said all that, you need to really address the ‘why’ question for yourself, before you set out on making your own, otherwise it is unlikely to create what you’re hoping for.

Knowing I was doing this post I asked a few people if they thought their vision boards had been successful, or worthwhile. One reply I got read

The actual activity gave me permission to relax, by concentrating on the positive slogans it gave me some great mantras to use, I have something physical to remind me of the positive time.

None of these hugely fit into my reasons for making a vision board, but for the woman in question it’s still been a hugely positive and beneficial experience. So before you launch forth, give some thought to what you’re hoping the vision board will create for you.

Now For The How

You can make a vision board at any time.  Lots of people like to do them at workshops (we have a couple coming up ) because all the materials are available, their thought process is led and supported by the workshop facilitator, and they gain positive energy and support from other attendees too – but this is not vital, you can just as easily do one for yourself at home.

How To Get Started

You’ll need access to materials you need for creating the board – these should include LOTS of pictures (old magazines work well), something to mount the pics on (I use A2 cardboard), scissors, glue, and a quiet, calm space, away from distractions.

If you want to have a go at making a digital board, that’s fine too – you’ll just need the digital equivalent of the necessary materials.

You’re Ready To Begin, So…..

  1. Take some time to clear your head – you could use mindfulness, or meditation, if you’re used to it, or just spend a few minutes listening to some music, maybe watch a candle, or allow yourself time to concentrate on slowing your breathing.
  2. Cut out pictures, and phrases, that take your fancy – try not to give too much thought at this stage to what is catching your eye.  The more the merrier at the moment too.
  3. Start to lay them out on your board – use this time to take out pictures that don’t feel right, or don’t seem to fit as you go through.  Don’t stick any down yet, play around with how they fit together on the page until it feels right – as though you have achieved a good fit.
  4. Stick them down – use your glue to put the pics and slogans in the place they seemed to fit best.
  5. You have a vision board of your own.

What Do You Do With Your Vision Board?

Now you can put your board somewhere where you will see it regularly (once or twice a day), but it won’t be invasive – I have mine on the side of my wardrobe.

Different things work for different people, but I would not recommend putting it somewhere you see it too often.  I know some people take photos of them and set them as their phone background, but I would not recommend this.

Remember, you are creating a gentle whisper, not a constant nag.  There is also the risk that if you see it all the time, it will lose it’s potency, as you just forget what it’s all about you’ve seen it so often.

I’d be interested to hear what works for you.

What Should You Do With Old Vision Boards?

Bin them.

Take a picture of it before you do if you want a reminder, but once they have served their purpose, they have served their purpose – don’t be tempted to fill your space with sentimental reminders and things, that all serve as distractions from what life has to offer.

A Gift To You

Our vision Board workshops work through a process that enables you to connect with what it is you truly desire for yourself in the months and years to come, then overcome the barriers that could hold you back from achieving these, before putting together your own vision board.

However you decide to go about it…

Enjoy Your Vision Boarding!

And let me know how you get on.


If you can’t make it along to one of our Vision Board Workshop why not host your own for you and your friends or colleagues?

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