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In the A~Z of Mindset Success D is for Disaster Darling!

The reality for us all is that sometimes in life things go wrong. In fact, sometimes they go very wrong indeed…. It is in these moments that we need a successful and winning mindset more than at any other time.

How we deal with things on the dark days has a lot more to do with our long-term success than how we do when things are going tickety-boo.

So how can we turn our disasters into our greatest success? Here are the steps you should take…

  1. Sit with it ~ pretending nothing has gone wrong will never serve anyone. Allow yourself to have the emotional reaction that you need to, to things going belly-up. Don’t allow yourself to wallow, but instead release any upset, anger, and hurt surrounding the disaster before you try to move on to the next step.
  2. Write it down ~ a great way of sealing your release is to write it down. You might like to take a look at my post about journaling, but putting down your emotional reactions on paper can be a great tool to help you move forward.  Just don’t forget to leave them there.
  3. Examine it ~ once you’ve detached yourself from the initial emotional reaction it’s time to take a closer look at what went wrong.  At this stage try not to get caught up in what you should have done, just cast an objective eye over what did happen.  Can you pinpoint the times things went wrong?  The cause?? This doesn’t involve reprimanding yourself in any way, it is what it is, so just pay attention to what happened and see what you can find in the midst of that.
  4. Learn from it ~ NOW is the time to think strategically about what you could do differently in the future to eliminate, or at least reduce, the chances of things going down the same road again.
  5. Hatch a plan ~ with your emotions released, your understanding increased, and your learning maximised, it’s time to make your plan to move forward. Sometimes disaster can leave you raring to go, sometimes it can leave you needing to take baby steps. Be kind to yourself as you put your future plan in place.
  6. Drink to it ~ disaster can be a challenging and traumatic process to go through, but look at what it’s led you to!… I’ll drink to that!!


We all face disaster from time to time in our lives, if you’ve found this post helpful in how to move forward please give it a share so others can benefit too.

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