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What makes a good coach?

When I worked as a coach I believe I was pretty damn good at what I did… and yet I still struggled to secure enough clients.  More of my business time was definitely spent on marketing than it was on coaching clients, and it was sometimes frustrating to see people I knew weren’t so hot at what they did being overrun with clients. Anyone who knows me will know that I still believe that it’s often not the really good coaches that get the work, but the really good sales people.  I wanted to do something positive to address that balance – hence this post!  I hope it will give credit where credit is due, and help to up the profile of some of the brilliant coaches who are out there. In my own business I believe that two things brought me to the turning point of success.  Firstly I upskilled, learning to carry out the breakthrough activities that I use in all my work made me stand out from the sea of competition, and I haven’t looked back.  In fact they made such a difference to my work, that I now coach clients on an invitation only basis, focussing my work time in training others in the same skills that made such a difference to my business, and running events and team development training. Secondly, I got good at being visible in an authentic way.  For that I really have to thank both Sarah and Kevin Arrow from Sarkemedia – it was their 30 day blogging challenge that was 100% game changer for me, and I’ve continued to work with them over the following 3 years. Anyhow, without further ado here’s what you’ve all been waiting for – the top recommended coaches – I have to say that the list is in no particular order, but if it was Adam would be at the top for recommendations, so let’s start with him.


Did you nominate someone and they didn’t make the list?  If there wasn’t a reason why they’re great given, or a web link easy to find through social media or your recommendation, I’m afraid they didn’t make it this time


Interested in learning more about how you could uplevel your skills to stand out from the coaching sea of competition?  Sign up for my free webinar to find out how you could become a Certified Breakthrough Empowerment Coach


Only see 51 on the list?  My vote went for Sarah from Sarkemedia in the introduction, for her awesome visibility coaching… 52 it is!

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