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In the A~Z of Mindset Success B is for Be You

In yesterday’s post in A of the A~Z of Mindset Success I touched a little on the importance of not comparing yourself to others. Being 100% yourself can be a really tricky business in a society where our media is so subtly (and often not so subtly!) influencing so many of our choices and behaviours, but to create a mindset for success we should all be seeking to be as authentic as we possibly can at any given time.

There are many challenges to creating authenticity, do you find you worry about what others will think of you?  Find yourself staring at a wardrobe of clothes not knowing what to wear?  Are you an expert in your field, but still challenged when you try to write an article or blog sharing your thoughts and opinions?….. Being yourself can be harder than it first sounds! So here are my top 5 tips for stepping into your authenticity

  1. Find your tribe ~ spend your time with people who will encourage you to be yourself.  People who are open to hearing different opinions and beliefs, without judging.
  2. Find your look ~ be seen in clothes that express a bit of who you are. This can be a tough one if you are expected to dress in a certain way for work, but finding colours and styles that reflect who you are can be really liberating.  You could consider working with a stylist to help you do this, find someone who takes time to find out about you.  I work with Jo Baldwin-Trott.
  3. Find your thoughts ~ take time to work out what you actually think about key issues that hit on your agenda. Whether in business or in your personal life, it’s worth putting in active effort to connecting with what you believe. If this is a new concept to you, put some energy into taking note of what you think about information that comes your way over the coming few weeks. What do you agree with?  What stands in opposition to your views?  What could you put across better?
  4. Find your self belief ~ comparing yourself to others will fill you with self doubt, and take you away from your authentic self, but not doing it can be a real challenge!  The secret to overcoming this is to be on the look out for it.  Keep a listen out for the little voice inside your head that whispers the comparisons to you, it’s amazing how many times you will become aware of it once you start actively looking for it. Next time you hear yourself thinking ‘Sarah is better than me because….’, ‘Simon dresses much better than I do’, or ‘Sharon is much more popular…’ call yourself out on it. We are all on our own journey, so stop yourself from comparing, and start being impressed by what you are achieving.
  5. Find your kind side ~ I’m sure you’re just like everybody else, in that you will have days where it all goes really well and you are 100% you.  But you will also have days where it all goes belly-up and the authentic you gets lost amongst the pressures in your life.  At these moments it’s important not to beat yourself up.  Be kind to yourself, and commit to yourself that you’ll do a little better next time.

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