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YOU’RE A DICK – And Why The Friends That Say It Matter


We talk a lot here at Metaphor Towers about Tribe – about connecting with like-minded individuals that will support you along your journey.

In fact Firewalking Instructors the world over know each other as the Fire Tribe – and although the reality is that we all get on better with some than others, we all generally expect to be upheld by each other, to have positive intentions for each other’s events, and to show support and love when it’s needed.

Sharing The Love

Of course being a part of Tribe means that you have others that can outpour love on you when you need it.

There have been times when I have been exhausted, and have felt emotionally weighed down, at these times I’ve depended heavily on my tribe for support, love, and hugs…. Even today I received a simple message that said

“You’re lovely”


I know I am very lucky to have my tribe behind me, building me up, even propping me up at times.  Even though my antics are often crazy, they are always there for me, allowing me to speak my truth, melt down, laugh my wee out.. they are the ones that are always by my side.

Saying It Like It Is

However, it’s been through observing the situations of a few friends recently that I think I’ve come to realise another side of Tribe, and what that means.

The people closest to me are not afraid to say it like it is.  Just as we all need people in our lives that can turn round and say ‘you’re lovely’ when you need to hear it, I believe a big part of forming tribe is to have people in your life that can also be comfortable, and confident, in turning round and telling you

“You’re A Dick”

I’ve seen three friends or connections in the last few weeks walk away from things that really made them happy.  They have either been too stubborn to admit they were in the wrong, or dug themselves into a hole that getting out of would have involved personal sacrifice, or succumbed to pressure from others who maybe didn’t actually have their best interests at heart.


I can’t help thinking that if they had someone that would tell them they’re a dick their life might be not half as bad in the long run.

I’m A Dick Too

I can say all this because I recognise that there have been times in my life where I have been a monumental dick, and I have learnt that looking back with regret is a much more uncomfortable place to be than admitting to my Dickness (is that a real word?).  So, because of that I ensure that my closest tribe, the ones I trust, and love the most, know that it’s ok to call me a number 1 prize idiot when my behavior calls for it – I’m sure we all have times when that is the case…. some of us more than others 😉

Your Tribe

What’s it like in your tribe? Are you all full of love for each other? So much so that you can call each other out when dickish behaviour ensues?

Life’s not always pretty, maybe the things we call each other shouldn’t be too

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