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Where can you have a glass walk?


…Wait a minute, that didn’t make a very good blog post! Let me tell you a little more about how a glass walk happens, where, and why.

I am probably best known for firewalking. I love it! But it is a messy business, that needs a big ol’ fire for however many walkers you have, a glass walk, however, is nothing like this.

I have my glass walk in a ‘carry-on’ sized suitcase on wheels.  I have to say that I used to use a ginormous glass walk, but it broke the wheels on the case! Now I have removed some of the glass it is easier to get around – in fact I can just get away with putting it in the hold on an aeroplane.

Inside my case are 3 things.  Firstly is lots of glass, I have been trained (and am also now qualified to offer training) on how to make a walk.  It is not advisable to start smashing bottles up for people to walk over if you have not had this training.

Secondly, is a large, strong piece of material.  When I conduct a glass walk this goes out on the floor, and the glass on top of it.  This is what allows me to carry out a glass walk anywhere.  The material can be laid out pretty much anywhere.

As well as conference facilities, and training rooms, I have carried out glass walks in parks, at expos, even at a private vision board workshop in my friends front room! The great thing about the portability of a glass walk is that you can use it for 2 or 200… or even more!

The third thing I have in my case is a large brush, a bit like a wallpaper paste brush.  This is used for removing any bits of glass left on people’s feet before they walk away.  Again, this means that a glass walk is safe to have in any environment, as there is no risk of glass finding its way anywhere other than on my material.

So yes, I really do believe you can have a glass walk safely anywhere in the world.

Glass walks are great activities for team building days, empowerment workshops, mindfulness training… anywhere where people are looking to develop their focus, confidence, or self-awareness.  They are challenging but carried out by a trained professional, can be exhilarating and fun too.  Leading to a great sense of achievement.

If you’d like to have a glass walk at your training or event then do let me know here

And if you’d like to find out more about how you could train to make a deliver your own glass walks and become a certified Breakthrough Empowerment Coach here’s a webinar all about it – our next set of dates is for October 2018






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