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Hi, I’m Honey Lansdowne, a Hypnotherapist and friend of Lottie and very pleased to be here as a guest blogger. This blog will ask what Ray Mears and Lottie Moore have in common?

So recently I went to see Ray Mears at Worthing theatre. I didn’t really know what the content of the show was but it was really good.

  • A Love Of Fire

Ray opened with an ancient story about fire and I immediately thought of Lottie! Ray’s passion for fire conquers up excitement as he talks, just like Lottie. I had not considered the importance of fire in so much depth before. But of course, without it, evolution would have been slow and nowhere near where it is today. A fire gives warmth and light, allows us to cook, purify water and bathe. But more than that fire allows for manufacturing using metals. Without it there would be no cars, TVs or mobile phones!

Ray demonstrated making fire by different methods on the stage. It was exciting and fascinating. He made fire with a modern flint, a flint and steel he had made himself, a bow drill and the good old fashioned way with the hand drill friction and wood. Ray spent the entire first half talking about fire and making fires. It was never boring.

I don’t think I have ever had a conversation with Lottie without her mentioning fire! She just loves being round them, making them and talking about them. Isn’t it wonderful when people have such a passion? Especially when they want to share it with others.

  • A Traveller Spirit

If you follow Lottie on Facebook, you will notice she is often out of the country doing fire stuff or hosting events with fires or glass walking. I remember her training she did at Lendrick Lodge this year in Scotland because I have been there too. It’s a magical place. I went with a group of women and being away in such a special spiritual place really brought us closer together.

Ray loves travelling too. He is like a much quieter version of Bear Grylss and has a real passion for Australia with a new show on TV about his adventures there. I know that Lottie has travelled extensively to places including  Latvia, Georgia, and Morocco to broaden her spirit and even lived in Burkina Faso with her daughter. This is someone that lives and breathes amazing experiences! And wants other people to do the same.

Adventures and different environments really stretch us and open our minds, don’t they? Excite us and make us feel more open and alive. They also provide incredible bonding experiences with those people we travel with and meet on our travels.

  • Respect For Nature and Culture

Something that really came across from Ray was his true love for nature and respect for the land and the cultures that have been in place for pygmy womenthousands of years. He shared the story of an aboriginal welcoming he had received in Australia and although it did make us laugh, it was

designed to connect him to the ancient land which they believe the spirits of their ancestors still live on. It involved them spitting water on his head, hence the laughter. But he quite obviously really respected them and their beliefs and traditions.

Many indigenous tribes have such deep connections with the earth and animals and of course each other. It makes you wonder if it’s the answer to being truly ‘connected ‘ to spirit or source or whatever you choose to call it, is simply being in nature. I know when I spend time in nature it fills my soul and makes me really happy and calm.

Lottie’s events are like this too. They provide experiences in nature that connect people. More recently, she is providing a completely original and soul-enriching hen night experience. You can just visualise the scene, can’t you? The bride to be round the fire with her woman friends and family young and old; connecting, laughing, sharing stories and the experience.

Both Ray and Lottie have a deep connection with the world around them and want to share this gift with others.

  • It Feels Good To Be Around Like-Minded People

Lastly, I was watching a nature programme the other day and here are some quotes which I really liked from people on the show:

Deer keeper, Richmond Park – ‘I’ve got the job that everybody wants. What more could I want?’

Night watchman of a toll bridge who watches wildlife all night – ‘This brings me pleasure. Just simple pleasure.’

Birdwatcher – ‘It would be odd if this didn’t make me happy.’

Now nature won’t be everyone’s idea of happy but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You might just be surprised.

Thank you for having me Lottie and thank you for reading this everyone, I hope you can see the Lottie and Ray similarities.

Sending you soulful vibes.


Honey Lansdowne

Honey Lansdowne

I’m Honey Lansdowne, a Hypnotherapist based in West Sussex, UK. My intention as a therapist is to make you feel better from the very first session. I use Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki and tapping in a blended form of therapy so you get the best possible outcome. I can help you with depression, anxiety, stop smoking, weight loss, going sugar free and stress. So don't let these things get in the way of you living the life you deserve!
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