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What Are Affirmations?

A couple of days ago I announced that I was going to be running an Affirmation Success Challenge as part of my own journey to create a new online course for next year.  I’m looking forward to running the challenge live through December so as to allow those that take part to be up and running and super-ready for what 2018 has in store!

But I guess before anyone can decide if the challenge is for them (though I’m pretty sure it will just be calling to some people, whether they know why or not), they need a better idea of what affirmations are, and what they are not, and how they work.  So today I’m going back to the basics, and taking a whistle-stop tour of what affirmations are.  Whether they are something you work with regularly, or something you’ve never even heard of before, it’s always good to take a look at what you’re actually creating for yourself when you’re using tools like these… they can be pretty powerful, but only if you let them!beyond limitations

The dictionary tells us that positive affirmations are…

statements which affirm something to be true

but what does that actually mean in relation to your personal or business development? How can these statements help you to create amazing stuff in your life? And how can you enable that in your life?

Affirmations and The Subconscious

Mike Dooley coined the now fairly well-known phrase ‘thoughts become things’, that is to say, very simply, that what we think about, often actually happens. So if you tell yourself you are always late, that your car is unreliable, or that you can’t see how you can earn enough money to get the home of your dreams, then guess what happens!…. Yep, exactly what you’ve told yourself.

The good news is we can use positive affirmations to over-write our subconscious beliefs to help us create the reality we want for ourselves BUT this often also involves going deep to take a look at what is bringing us to that place of belief, and I’ll be writing a separate post about that in a couple of days.

How You Can Use Affirmationsvision board

In their simplest form, affirmations are all about using positive self-talk to create a reality you would like, but they most certainly aren’t all about talking.  One of the first things I’ll be encouraging anyone taking part in the challenge to do is to get a new notebook and calendar, as affirmations for me are often all about writing things down….

Affirmations can also be visual, I have massive experience of enabling people to create awesome things for themselves using Vision Boards ,and have even been known to sleep with pictures of things under my pillow!

In fact, there are loads of tools you can use to enable you to create wonderful affirmations for yourself that actually work… I love working with people to assist them to unearth what works for them

I hope this post has whet your appetite to find out more about affirmations, maybe to have a go at using them for the first time, or maybe even to give them another go with the intention of finding a way they can really work for you… I’d be super-chuffed if it’s made you sign up for the 28 Day Challenge.


Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing more about what affirmations are not (join me for the funny story of the lying ex), and how you can use them to assist you in doing some deep work that may give your confidence and self-belief a super-boost…. so please give this post a share so others don’t miss out.





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