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How To Host A Charity Firewalk, And Make It A Mind Blowingly Awesome Success

Whether you’re a charity, an individual, or an organisation looking for something new for your CSR, you’ll find everything here you need to know about hosting a Charity Firewalk, that will allow you to make yours a resounding success.

Across England and the UK as a whole, charity firewalk events have grown increasingly in popularity over the last few years. There are lots of great firewalk companies out there, but having previously worked in the charitable sector I know how important it is for you to use your event to not just raise vital funds, but also grow your supporter base, and allow everyone involved to have lots of fun.  When done right a firewalk for charity can tick all three of those boxes – let’s make it happen!

There are lots of things to consider when you are thinking about hosting a charity firewalk, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated.  Let’s break it down, and give you all the information you’ll needwoman on firewalk

First of all you want to be safe, so venue and timing are key

It’s always preferable to walk at, or after, dusk so that the coals are glowing red in the dark.  This may effect the time of year you want your event, with Autumn and Spring usually proving the most popular. Don’t forget to get your date booked in with enough notice to allow you to plan your event and sell your tickets.

You’ll need a completely outdoor space for your firewalk to take place, ideally accompanied by an indoor space where we can give the talk to get everyone ready for the exciting challenge ahead.  Why not consider a venue like a pub that may well help you sell tickets too? Places that make great spaces for charity firewalks include…

  • Pub and hotel gardens
  • Pub and hotel car park
  • School playgrounds and sports fields
  • Sports centres
  • Conference centres

We can completely protect the ground from the fire if required, and rest assured that here at Mindset Metaphors we have a reputation for leaving the site even better than we’ve found it and to ensure your location is suitable once your booking is in place we’ll provide you with both a site survey, and a full risk assessment, to put your mind, and those of your hosts, completely at rest.

Next up you need to think about pricing

We want your firewalk to raise lots of money for your chosen charity – lots and lots.  To make this a reality there are three things you need to consider when you think about your pricingWoman on firewalk in England

  1. How many people you will get signing up
  2. How much they can afford to pay for their ticket
  3. How much they are likely to be able to fundraise

A charity firewalk with between 25-40 participants can usually be expected to raise between £5,000-£10,000 by setting tickets prices between £5-£40, and setting fundraising goals of £200-£250.

To make these straightforward decisions for you there are some pricing examples in our charity firewalk brochure, as well as full information about our cost.

Now there’s just one thing to do before your big charity challenge…

Selling your tickets

It will be your responsibility to market and sell your tickets, but if you enlist the help of friends and family, your chosen charity and maybe even your venue too, then this won’t seem like too hard work.

As part of our package for charity events we include free support for selling your tickets, which includes…heart shaped firewalk


  • A dedicated page for promoting your event on our website
  • Hosting online ticket sales
  • Poster templates
  • We’ll even give you a shout out through our social media too

Hopefully this post has answered all your questions about how to host a charity firewalk, you can find even more information in our charity firewalk brochure too.


The very easiest way to get your charity firewalk event off the ground in to pick up the phone and have a chat with us about what you’re planning.  We’re a friendly bunch here at Mindset Metaphors, and look forward to your call 0333 772 9692 – let’s make this awesome event happen!




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