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Is Firewaking Better Than Sex?

NO!  though maybe that depends a little on who you’re having sex with 😉

But I was really amused to hear this story from one woman that came to my event in March, and had been single for a while. A couple of weeks after the event she was still feeling really raised up by the firewalk, and had obviously been left with a big spring in her step,  to a point that friends started to ask if she had met a man.

Firewalking was obviously a highly impactful experience for this woman, in fact she’s gone on to book to come along to some more events too.  To fire walk is to leave yourself open to what the fire has to teach, and therefore a very different experience for different people at different times, but I love her story – what a great reason to firewalk!

So what can you actually expect to get out of a firewalk? well, aside from the sex thing, here’s some benefits you can expect when you attend a Mindset Metaphors Firewalking event and join us for a firewalk.

7 Reasons To Firewalk

  1. Heightened Self Confidence – If you can put your feet on a fire bed hot enough to melt a car engine block, what can’t you do? Firewalking leaves most people looking at what they thought were their limitations, and smashing right through them.  One recent event participant messaged me the other day about the differences she’s noticed in her life since coming to a Vision Board workshop, and then a Firewalk “I used to say I’d like to, now I look at how to”.  Whatever success looks like to you, Firewalking will help you achieve it.
  2. Feeling Joyful and Energised – I guess just like the woman I spoke about earlier, firewalking has the ability to put a spring in you step, and a fire in your belly.  I call it being high on the wine of life! To walk on fire can leave you feeling elated for weeks.
  3. Increased Ability to Connect With Your Intuition – One thing I always say when I’m preparing people to walk the coals is that the bravest person at a firewalk is the person who chooses not to walk.  When you’re standing at the edge of a fire it’s entirely up to you whether you walk or not.  To make that decision you have to take time to tune in to your intuition. If you’re worried about walking is it just the fear that’s holding you back? Or is your inner guide trying to tell you something? I’ll help you to be still and listen to what’s going on inside, learning to connect with, and be served by, your intuition.
  4. More Self Assurance – A natural result of the ability to listen to your intuition, is a more self assured you. You will begin to stop questioning yourself and have greater confidence in your decisions, with complete authority but no arrogance. Just like the spring in your step, this is a very attractive quality to have, it leaves you naturally charismatic, and others will also start to trust your intuition more too.
  5. Emotional Release – Sometimes after a firewalk people find they can release emotions that they’ve had buried deep, sometimes for years. This is most common with an upset or hurt, and it’s not uncommon to find people having a bit of a cry after walking the fire. Our events are always highly supportive and full of love, providing a safe space for what you need to let go of.  Of course once this is released you are left to move on in life with your load lightened and with space for new experience to come.
  6. Better Understanding Of Your Own Limiting Beliefs – A good firewalk facilitator (that would be me) will enable you to take what you learn from the fire and put it into practice. Often this will involve stepping through fear in other areas of your life, but what’s most important is to grasp a better understanding of those fears and how they work.  You don’t need to leave a firewalk and completely turn your life upside down, but to have a deep understanding of what holds you back, and how it does that, will enable you to face the right challenges, at the right time for you.  This is different for everyone, but after firewalking, when it’s your time, you will know, and you will know just what to do.
  7. A Tribe Of Like Minded Friends – Get a group of people together, down in the woods, standing round a fire, all a little nervous, all very excited… Magic happens! A charity or corporate event also bring people with a common goal together. But our own Mindset Metaphor events are all about connection. With the fire, with Mother Earth, with each other. People that meet at a firewalk often go on to be friends for life.

So to walk a fire may not be better than sex, but hopefully this has made you think about some of the great reasons to firewalk, and what the experience might offer you. If it’s peaked your interest, why not book to come along to our next event and find out what the fire may offer you.


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