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Why Climb A Mountain? – A Women Only Adventure

I would never have thought it a few years ago, but this is now a question I get asked quite a lot.  Since I returned to the UK late 2010 I’ve climbed a few crazy-big mountains, including Kilimanjaro, and recently spending time on Kazbeg in the Caucasus Mountains.  For the last few years that has involved standing at the rooftop of North Africa, the summit of Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains for International Women’s Day. My answers to the why question are often varied, and complex, but in a nutshell, I think standing atop a very large mountain is hugely symbolic.  A major accomplishment, and quite often the opportunity of a lifetime for those involved, and yet it’s something that is achievable by most women.

Quite simply, climbing a mountain in this way is often a once-in-a-lifetime chance to connect with like-minded women on an epic journey of self-discovery and personal growth ~ life enriching to the max

Here’s some of the other questions I get asked in relation to the trip…

  • Is it a retreat? 

    It’s not your regular, run of the mill retreat!  But if you’ve ever wanted to practice mindfulness, on a mountain is the place to do it – there’s something deeply satisfying about having nothing else to worry about for a few days than putting one foot in front of the other, and the treks offer the opportunity to bond with the others in a way few other retreats offer.  You truly will become a part of a new, highly supportive tribe, who are likely to remain friends for life.

  • It sounds expensive….. Is it?

Actually, it’s at least as affordable as a retreat here in the UK.  The cost is only £850 all-inclusive for the week, apart from flights which are often under £100 return from the uk. We are fed REALLY well by our local guides, who provide, and prepare, all our food. The price also includes training days with our UK trek leaders, money off kit hire, and a well managed online tribe where you can connect with the other trekkers prior to the trek – it’s a really good value trip.

  • Where is Toubkal?

Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas mountains, which are in Morocco, and is also the highest point of North Africa.  We fly into Marrakesh, and spend a night there both before and after the trip, and our final night we dine in style at the Old Moroccan Palace – if you want to stay on in Marrakesh to sample to souks, maybe even a local massage afterwards, we offer an extension package too.

  • Do we have to camp on the mountain?

No.  We stay in lodges, or gites, in the traditional Berber villages, most of which have simple beds in rooms of 3-4, and include flushing toilets, and often roaring fires and showers as well.

  •  I’ve always wanted to climb Kilimanjaro – can we go there instead?

There are 3 reasons we go to Toubkal, rather than Kilimanjaro

  1. Toubkal - 148Kili is a free standing mountain, but Toubkal is in a range, which leads to some beautiful scenery that you just don’t get on Kilimanjaro.
  2. Kili is almost 1,000m higher than Toubkal, which makes the chances of suffering from altitude sickness a lot higher too.
  3. Kili is popular, VERY popular, but that means your trekking among several groups all day. However, Toubkal is a lot quieter, and you can go almost all day without seeing even another group of trekkers – beautiful!
  • Do you have to be stupidly fit to make it to the top?

No.  The trek is very achievable by anyone of a good level of fitness and above.  You would need to train, but certainly not to the same extent as you would have to to complete a marathon.

Sooo, why climb a mountain?

I truly believe that when we come together to encourage, support, and grow ourselves and each other, something magical happens – and that’s what these adventures have to offer. So, if you fancy a huge sense of personal achievement, from a once in a lifetime experience with a group of kick-ass, kindred spirit women, why not join us on our next trek for International Women’s Day 2018, and make next March a time to be remembered, always.


If you’re sitting there thinking ‘this is for me!’ then seize the day, and book a space at our free webinar to find out all the information and get access to a special discount too – or got a question?  You’re welcome to pick up the phone and give me a call on 0333 7729692 too.

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