Why Not You? Why Not Now?

Sharing the life changing secrets to realising and living your potential

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Adventure Meets Inner Peace

Learn how to claim a life that allows you to buzz with excitement AND experience deep peace and contentment.  Overcoming old thought patterns that no longer serve you.

Challenge Yourself

Be prepared to challenge yourself to look beyond your limitations, carefully guided by Lottie along the way, to focus on the carrots life dangles, and get ready to reach for them.

Take The Leap

Assisting you to action your plan to start living your full potential, ensuring you maximise your time, energy, and opportunities.

Why Not You? Why Not Now?

Would you like to overcome the thought patterns that keep you believing that you can’t achieve what you truly want, or that you can’t create the life you wish for yourself?

What if I told you that a life beyond your wildest imagination was waiting for you, and all you had to do was step up for yourself and claim it?  Would you believe it possible?  Or would you try to tell me all the reasons and excuses you’ve been conditioned to believe as to why it’s not possible?

Wherever you’ve come from, and wherever you’re at now, I’d like to encourage you to start asking yourself ‘Why Not?…’

WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW? Sharing The Life-Changing Secrets To Realising And Living Your True Potential will guide you through the processes needed to enable you to overcome worry, self-condemnation, and self-created constraints to enable you to connect deeply with what awaits you when you start to think differently about what could be possible.

About Your Author


Firewalk Master, Lottie Moore, believes in walking the path less travelled, which has taken her from living in Burkina Faso, to scaling some of the biggest peaks around the world.

    Trained in both NLP and CBT techniques, as well as Coaching and breakthrough activities,, Lottie puts her own unique spin on the concept of stepping out of the comfort zone, and creating a life for yourself that is free from anxiety, guilt, and self-doubt.  Learning from her own life experiences, as well as her work with clients over the years, Lottie is now ready to share her secrets with you, so that you too can live to your full potential