Charity Firewalk

A charity Firewalk is a great way to raise much-needed funds for your chosen good cause, as well as raise their profile.

Throughout 2017 we’ve seen charities regularly raise between £4,000-£12,000 through their firewalks, and we always love being a part of these magical events where participants often have their own very personal reasons for taking part.

In 2018 I’d really like to be supporting more charities than ever to achieve this, and so for Black Friday we’re running a very special, special offer…

10% Off

If you’d like to host a charity firewalk for anytime throughout 2018 we’re going to give you 10% off if you confirm the booking before Friday 8th December – so even if you don’t want your firewalk to be until December 2018 you can make use of this fantastic offer!

What Now?

You’ll find lots of information about what’s involved in a charity firewalk below – but the easiest way to find out all you need to know is for you to get in touch to have a chat to see if what we offer is a good fit or not – if not,  we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction, as we know that for a charity getting good support to raise lots of money is what it’s all about.

Don't forget this Black Friday offer is only available for two weeks








Get in touch to find out more about our charity firewalks - give us a call on 0333 772 9692, or leave your details below and we'll get back to you

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We offer two great ways to host a charity firewalk

Multi-Charity 3 Charity Event 

This is a massively successful way for smaller, or local, charities to use a charity firewalk to raise both money and awareness for their cause.

With 3 charities working together to host the event there is less pressure on you for both the organisation and ticket sales, and less financial risk too… yet still the possibility to raise oodles of money.

How it works

  • Each charity pays just £650 for up to 30 places at the firewalk
  • You decide between you on a venue and ticket pricing
  • You assist your supporters to set up their fundraising pages
  • Everyone takes part in the Firewalk together

With an example ticket price of £25, and fundraising goal of £250, each charity can raise in excess of £7,500 profit for their cause.

It’s always best if you come up with ideas of other charities to work with for your event, but we’re always happy to make some suggestions, and support you in getting them on board.

Single Charity Event

If you would prefer to host an event on your own, then that’s okay too.  This works really well for charities with a big supporter base, or maybe want a firewalk as part of a bigger campaign or event.

  • The cost of your Firewalk is £1350
  • You can sell as many places as you like
  • These events work well with a venue that is also supporting the event

With ticket sales at £25, and fundraising total at £250, with 50 firewalkers you stand to make at least £12,000…

With 80 walkers this can rise to a massive £20,000+


If you’re still wondering why you should choose to  say YES to our Black Friday offer, here’s 5 great reasons to work with us to make your charity Firewalk a success